Private Healthcare Awards 2022

8 GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 , Jan21366 Established with a vision to be the leading Pan African provider of health care solutions and products, Universal Hospitals Group Limited (UHG) is on amission to offer bespoke turnkey projects and valuebased healthcare solutions across Africa. Recognised as Africa’s Best Medical Systems Consultancy, UHG is a unique Ghanaian and West African company that delivers turnkey healthcare infrastructure projects. Best Medical Systems Consultancy - Africa Universal Hospitals Group Limited (UHG) was established to improve the health and wellbeing of the people and the society it currently operates in, going above and beyond with its impressive project and service delivery time and has done for the past three decades. However, due to its reputation and reputable efforts, UHG has expanded its portfolio to include additional high-quality offerings such as specialist designing, building, training of critical staff, equipment installation and maintenance, to name a few. Frederick Amissah, Chief Executive Officer of UHG, explains the overall distinctiveness of the company, stating, “We are uniquely Ghanaian with global footprints through our global partnerships, and we are turnkey pioneers in markets we operate. We thrive on our core values, integrity, people centricity, accountability, transparency, innovation, dependability and excellence. To Us, excellence is a choice.” Currently, the company’s focus is to provide its products and services to the African area and the vast international markets beyond the continent. To do so, UHG has ensured that the best thing it can do to achieve success is to become a peoplecentric company and has had this principle since its establishment. “We pride outsides as being accountable and transparent. With this, our vision is to be the leading and most respected PanAfrican provider of healthcare solutions, maintain the utmost quality and professionalism every time,” states Frederick. For Frederick and his team at UHG, the goal of its services is to embrace the ever-changing healthcare environment. In addition, it seeks to explore and identify emerging opportunities to better the company and the healthcare sector. UHG provides high-quality patient care, and with that in mind, the company offers the utmost excellence of products. It is dedicated to strengthening its brand position – leading the market as a financially viable company with its innovations and overall continuous improvements within the industry. It is essentially bettering the continent of Africa and surrounding areas through compassionate care, intellectual strength and passionately skilled workers. Leading on from this point, Frederick states, “At UHG, we thrive on freedom through responsibility, wearing our hearts on our sleeves. The first truth we share is to believe in our collective abilities- together; we have surmounted challenges. Our second truth is that we deliver world-class healthcare facilities and equipment services. Finally, it is a testament to our excellent technical and project management recognition – we are the project people.” For UHG, being awarded the Best Medical Systems Consultancy in Africa has been greatly appreciated, humbling, and inspiring to its staff members because it has created a greater recognition for what the company does as a healthcare infrastructure management and solutions outfit. “Our work across Ghana and West Africa (delivering over 60 projects, from small, medium, tertiary facilities, dental, physiotherapy facilities and equipment installation) has been an immense help to the populace – providing world-class health facilities of various sizes and specialities. Ours is a social enterprise delivering world-class healthcare facilities across Africa. We’re proud, and we’re grateful to the GHP Magazine for recognising the amazing work our team does,” alludes Frederick. Now, UHG is currently executing and constructing four hospital projects within Ghana, focusing on general care, trauma, mother and child. For the rest of the year, the company will be doing what it does best – seeking opportunities, partnerships and projects that can affect the healthcare delivery sector in Africa. Additionally, UHG aims to spearhead the delivery of AI technology within Africa and bring holistic healthcare to the continent. To join the incredible efforts at UHG, feel free to contact them and collaborate in delivering Africa the healthcare it deserves. Company: Universal Hospitals Group Limited Name: Frederick Amissah Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.Uhgl-Gh.Com