Private Healthcare Awards 2022

GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 9 , Feb22122 Based in the Cotswolds, the teamat Evoke Neurological Rehabilitation Ltd offer invaluable services when it comes to patients who have suffered from injuries or diseases that affect the nervous system. With a personalised approach, they have achieved the remarkable in GHP’s Private Healthcare Awards 2022. We take a closer look at this impressive team to discover more about the secrets of their success. Best Private Community-Based Rehabilitation Facility - South West England For those suffering from neurological difficulties, recovery is never easy, and sometimes impossible. Each individual has their own unique challenges to face because every single person presents these challenges differently. To make a real difference, one which allows people to live a life as fun and rich as they deserve, requires personalised treatment that accounts for everyone of their needs. That’s what Evoke Neurological Rehabilitation offers. Treating patients that have suffered Strokes, Spinal Cord Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease and Functional Neurological Disorder to name but a few conditions, the team at Evoke Neurological Rehabilitation have grown into an incredible team. Their pride in what they do means every part of their care plans are performed with love. The team works with an extraordinary variety of people from all walks of life, building on the incredible resilience and strength of the human body and brain. They see their work not as the endpoint, but as a process on which to build future successes. The team’s success is built on the incredible experience of husband-and-wife team Alessandra Suozzi and Adam Clark. Alessandra was born in Venezuela, a country where technological opportunities were rare and creative solutions had to be found to treat patients. Having moved first to Canada, and then to the UK, she knows what it means to adapt and how important it is to adjust to the rapid changes seen over a lifetime. Her experience is very different to Adam’s, who was a Royal Marine, but both share the need to change to extreme circumstances all over the world. Adam’s military career saw him assisting colleagues who has suffered from serious injuries and needed help to rehabilitate to everyday life. The journey of Evoke Neurological Rehabilitation is one which builds on his incredible skill and knowledge in this area. With immense personal skill and a commitment to finding bespoke solutions, it’s little wonder that so many people have turned to the Evoke Neurological Rehabilitation team for their recovery. It has allowed the business to grow at an incredible rate, with the team relocated because of the firm’s popularity. This growth has allowed both Alessandra and Adam to undergo further training to offer even better services to their clients, with Alessandra completing her Bobath Tutor Trainee Programme and Adam studying Cognitive behavioural therapy to complement the team’s approach to treatment. Over the years, it has become clear that many simply do not pay attention to the challenges surrounding neurological rehabilitation, but it is something that many will have to undergo. Strokes are potentially going to be the number one cause of disability in the next ten years. Quality treatment after this should not be for those with the most money, but for all. As such, moving forward, the team are trying to develop accessible programmes for everyone. These will require new equipment and potentially new partnerships but will offer a service that is truly exemplary within the industry. No two people are the same, and their treatment programmes should be individual too. For those who are undertaking neurological rehabilitation, the team at Evoke Neurological Rehabilitation offer treatments that are designed to suit the individual and find a way for them to thrive. Theirs is an attitude which is not purely about treating numbers, but about supporting family. By giving them control of their recovery, the team have been able to secure unprecedented levels of success. Company: Evoke Neurological Rehabilitation Ltd Name: Alessandra Suozzi / Adam Clark Email: [email protected] Web Address: Evoke Neurological Rehabilitation Ltd