Private Healthcare Awards 2023

10 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2023 Resilient Wellbeing Clinic is a private psychology practice that provides the highest standards of psychological therapy, both in person and online. Following the clinic’s recognition in the programme, we spoke with Clinical Director Dr Norma Scevoli to find out how the team deliver this exceptional degree of care. Best Private Psychological Therapy Practice - Southeast England Resilient Wellbeing Clinic was established to provide easy access to gold-standard psychological services.” The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for people to start taking their mental health needs seriously. Of course, this has put a strain on public services due to increased demand – and private options are becoming more popular as a result. In this market, Resilient Wellbeing Clinic has firmly established itself as a standout, known for delivering exceptional care to its clients, as Dr Scevoli explains in more detail. “We work with London and all over the UK, offering online therapy. In fact, with the introduction of the hybrid working model and the changes in habits and lifestyles brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed a significantly higher request for online therapy compared to pre-pandemic trends, so we adapted our service to the new demands and invested in creating a hassle-free, easy to use online therapy option, which became popular very quickly, where our clients can receive their therapy session in the comfort of their home. This is always part of our attempt to provide a gold-standard service to cater for our client’s needs and preferences. “Our mission is to support each individual through their unique therapeutic journey, providing our clients with a unique experience of care and professionalism. The work of all our team is grounded in evidence-based practice and mirrors our core values: Compassion, Integrity, Connection, Competence and Resilience.” It, perhaps, goes without saying that Resilient Wellbeing Clinic spends considerable resources ensuring that the client journey through their therapy remains seamless and considerate. As Dr Scevoli states succinctly, “we care” – and that is evident throughout the clinic, in every department and member of the team. “We invest a lot of time and resources into ensuring that our clients have easy access to the highest standard of therapy, and human care. We care, and our clients perceive this in all aspects of our work with them. Our clientele is mainly adult clients from all walks of life, from professionals with demanding jobs at all levels, from junior level to senior managers, directors of influential companies, to students, homemakers, self-employed, entrepreneurs, other medical professionals, teachers, older adults in their retirement and so many more. “We believe that our person-centred approach to clinical work and admin, combined with the highest level of professionalism, a compassionate and human way of being with others, years of clinical practice, and thorough academic knowledge, distinguishes us from other psychological services.” Person-centred care is the foundation of Resilient Wellbeing Clinic, setting the stage for its services, and defining every aspect of the clinic. That, ultimately, is where it has thrived, dictating its actions and pursuits as it moves ever forwards. “We are proud of the service we offer to both our clients as well as our practitioners. We not only place our clients at the centre of the work but also our therapists. In fact, to our clients, we offer a 360-degree service, from compassionate, professional, evidence-based clinical practice to a dedicated and responsive admin team ready to help with any issues or requests they may have at any time,” Dr Scevoli adds. As for the future? Resilient Wellbeing Clinic have always endeavoured to remain agile and dynamic regarding its services and approach. Improvement and development are a constant force within the team, as Dr Scevoli concludes. “We are constantly thinking about how we can improve the services we offer and what other services we can provide. We are currently working on new ideas and are always very open to supporting and developing any projects our team members are interested in undertaking and taking in their input.” Company: Resilient Wellbeing Clinic Name: Dr Scevoli, Clinical Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Office 112, 165 Highlands House, The Broadway SN19 1NE Telephone: 07519298296 “ Jan23562