Private Healthcare Awards 2023

5 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2023 ealthcare is becoming more personalised, more patientcentric, more individualised – moving away from cookie cutter solutions. After all, no patient will be the same, so their care shouldn’t be either. MyHealthcare Clinic has truly embodied that approach through its services, as Dr Akash explains from the outset. “We are proud to provide instant access to medical or dental appointments where a patient’s need for immediate care may otherwise be constrained with prolonged waiting periods or delays. Additionally, although we are a private healthcare provider, we offer affordable, transparent pricing to cater to the needs of individuals and families. Our staff are passionate, driven individuals who share our collective goal of providing exceptional healthcare to all our patients, this means the interaction that our patient has – whether from our front of house team, dedicated Patient Support Department or expert clinicians, will always reflect this goal.” Ultimately, healthcare is a crucial part of society, but it is also a service that few have optimal access to. There’s room for improvement across the board – and that’s what drives MyHealthcare Clinic, to achieve that improvement. But, let’s focus on what truly makes the clinic unique, and that’s its ability to offer a variety of services all under one roof, as Dr Akash moves on to discuss. “We remain resolute in offering exceptional healthcare to all our patients and providing access to patients when they need it most, which is why we are proud of our unique patient-centric model that allows patients to be seen by either a GP, dentist, or specialist all in one clinic. This eliminates the need for patients to move in between clinics when they need different treatments from different clinicians, but rather to access all services under one roof. This unique model distinguishes us as a leading healthcare provider that not only gives patients instant access to highly specialised and professional care (with the added advantage of access to same-day appointments), but also with the convenience of multiple locations across London that are close to major transport modes.” “We strive to offer unparalleled level of care and always ensure that our patients are treated with respect, kindness, and compassion.” While public services should be applauded for their considerable work, it’s becoming clear that additional support is needed to best serve those that require the best medical care, whenever they are in need of it. After all, it’s often not possible to get same-day appointments due to demand, but that is something MyHealthcare Clinic offers 6 days a week, as Dr Akash moves on to discuss in more detail. “MyHealthcare Clinic is proud to provide access to patients 6 days a week with early access, late appointments or sameday appointments, thereby eliminating lengthy waiting periods. “We understand that patients often need immediate access to professional, trusted and reliable care when they need it most. In addition, we offer virtual or telephonic consultations for patients who are on the go, travelling, or not able to attend face-to-face appointments, which means patients receive continuity of care, no matter where they are. By providing this level of access and flexibility, MyHealthcare Clinic seeks to provide the highest quality health care experience to our patients.” Healthcare needs constant innovation and development, and in this respect, MyHealthcare Clinic is matching its pace step for step. In the years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology and digitisation has been a crucial accelerator of patient-centric care – and this is where MyHealthcare Clinic’s future also lies, as Dr Akash concludes. “MyHealthcare is constantly researching how technology and innovation can help provide patients with better care – whether through virtual consultations to help accommodate patients who can’t always travel to a clinic, or by scaling technology for more convenient booking options through app development, or by adding key clinical treatments to help patients with access to other medical, dental or specialist services.” “By creating these innovative solutions, MyHealthcare bridges the gap between traditional health care and modern technological advances, allowing patients to access affordable, quality care from the comfort of their own homes.” Company: MyHealthcare Clinic Name: Dr Akash Patel, Medical Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 5-11 Vanston Place, Fulham SW6 1AY Telephone: 0207 099 5555 H Feb23142 Best Private Dental & Medical Care Clinic - London MyHealthcare Clinic is a doctor-led healthcare provider that provides personalised medical, dental and specialist care under one roof. We spoke with Medical Director, Dr Akash Patel, to find out why the clinic so deserves the title of ‘Best Private Dental & Medical Care Clinic’ in London.