Private Healthcare Awards 2023

6 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2023 MindBerry helps employees reach their full potential through specialist mental health support, therapy, counselling and wellness coaching. Through our online portal we offer personalised solutions to each individual, helping them connect with the right professional in real time, using our purpose-built technology. The individual gets to choose who they would like to work with and when. It is a service used by both professional healthcare providers and their customers who might be individuals or entire organisations. Best Specialist Personal & Professional Development Platform – UK indBerry is a technology platform designed to connect people with qualified and experienced mental health professionals at anytime, anywhere. It provides one-toone support to help a person work towards becoming their best self, making them happier and more resilient in their everyday lives. This might entail developing robust new mental skills to help one thrive at work or within a personal relationship. Or it might involve working on the fundamentals of one’s mental health. MindBerry has over 150 qualified and experienced mental health professionals and qualified coaches standing by to help at any point. They might be cognitive behavioural therapists, psychotherapists or life coaches. The platform makes it easy for people to find and connect with the perfect professional for them. MindBerry is used very effectively for work purposes. It helps organisations to support their staff with wellbeing and mental health issues. This helps to create a much more supportive culture within an organisation. Mindful employers and organisations can really help improve a workplace for everyone, as well as helping to improve productivity and employee retention. And it’s so easy, with sessions taking place online via MindBerry’s video/audio and direct messaging technology. Poor wellbeing and mental health can really cost an organisation. It might be through deficient relations with colleagues or clients. It might be through a loss of motivation and commitment. MindBerry puts the average cost of poor mental health at work at an astronomical £1,481 per employee. It also causes 19 million workdays to be lost. It is clear how this can have a detrimental effect on an organisation. MindBerry understands how each organisation is different with its own challenges. It believes wholeheartedly in fostering close relationships throughout an organisation. This is inclusive of HR and management, in order to provide the best support to everyone. The founders and team behind MindBerry are a well-qualified and experienced bunch. Managing Director Hugo Phillips is a board level executive who’s worked in health services, health tech, marketing and financial services to name but a few. Over the course of his career, he’s become increasingly aware of the need to address mental health issues, and the importance of supporting individuals in the workplace if companies are to thrive. Sandra de Monte is the Head of Client Relations, and Founder of MindBerry. As a UK qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and certified online counsellor, she founded MindBerry in 2016. Sandra has previously delivered successful mental health wellbeing workshops for large companies such as Google, Thunes, and eBay. Head of Operations Christian Mogele also helped to found the company in 2016, whilst studying for his master’s degree. He is an Oxford graduate in psychology and holds a postgraduate certificate in psychodynamic counselling. He also has a background working for the NHS in mental health, something which continues to inform MindBerry’s ongoing development. Aside from helping persons seeking coaching and therapy services, MindBerry is also there to help professional clients to expand and grow their practice. To this end MindBerry can help therapists and coaches build a profile on the website that lets potential clients know all about their specialities. The company offers a comprehensive set of practice management tools and can help professional clients in ways such as managing bookings and payments. It also helps members to build a professional profile that ranks high in search results. MindBerry also guides clients on how to host their sessions via the online communication portal supporting direct messaging, audio and video. MindBerry is the winner of Best Specialist Personal & Professional Development Platform – UK. Its wealth of experience and professionally qualified team input informs the platform it runs magnificently. It all combines to provide a superlative, awardwinning service for both professionals and individual customers. Contact: Hugo Phillips Company: MindBerry Group Email: [email protected] Web Address: M Feb23045