Private Healthcare Awards 2023

8 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2023 Advancements in healthcare are happening every day – crucial developments that inch the industry ever forward. In this space, HunterG is a device that detects spiders and scorpions – among other insects – to ensure the safety of the user. We spoke with Tigran Grigoryan, Founder and CEO, to find out more on the back of the company’s success in the programme. Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears around the world, afflicting literally millions – if not billions – of people. It can also be one of the most debilitating, depending on where you live. HunterG then offers incredible peace of mind for those who do suffer with a fear of spiders or scorpions, as Tigran explains in more detail. “We are a team of enthusiasts who began to turn ideas that came from everyday life into reality. Our core values first of all are health and safety, especially of children. In 2012, a scorpion was found next to my son’s cradle on the 4th floor, away from sight. So, the team decided to find a solution to the problems of arachnophobia and the danger of spiders and scorpions to children – HunterG was born from that effort. “HunterG is a device, which detects spiders and scorpions, localizes with laser and calls for help with alarm. HunterG is absolutely safe, as it doesn’t transmit or capture any signals (WiFi, ultrasound, electromagnetic). “There are millions of people with the phobia against spider and scorpion, they can live without anxiety when HunterG is around.” Ultimately, Tigran and the team at HunterG understand that the future of healthcare relies on the innovative implementation of technology to reinforce and support healthcare developments. HunterG is one such development that firstly, looks to make a true difference in people’s lives, and secondly, is showcasing the true possibilities for future integration and synergy between these two industries. “We believe that great things can be achieved in healthcare and safety by using Artificial Intelligence solutions with combination of well-designed hardware. At this moment we are working only on HunterG, which is for healthcare and safety of the people and their families. Also we are designing many variations of the initial device to take care about other worries of the people.” It bears mentioning that the entire team behind HunterG are driven by this thirst for innovation and success, passionate about the goals and mission of the greater company. “We have the strongest technical team, the strongest will to achieve goals, so the main and seemingly insurmountable difficulty for us was the lack of initial investment, but we were able to succeed thanks to the first two aspects mentioned. As a rule, I try to look for my own enthusiasm in potential team members. Their contribution to the overall success is very large and undeniable. The team, at the end of the day, will be the key to achieving stability and recognition in the market as we look towards announcing our next product.” Company Name: Math World Inc. Contact Name: Tigran Grigoryan, Founder and CEO Address: 651 N Broad St, Suite 201 Middletown, DE 19709, United States Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: +37455867717 Best Dangerous Insect Detection Solutions Provider 2023 Jan23724