Private Healthcare Awards 2023

9 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2023 Dementia is debilitating, leaving someone vulnerable and, often a shadow of their former selves.To maintain dignity, they require the best possible care, along with an understanding of how to give people their personhood back, in whatever capacity that is possible. Assured Community Care certainly fulfils that criterion, and much more. We spoke with Executive Director Bhupinder Dhaliwal to find out more. Best Dementia Care Provider - Leicestershire private care provider in Melton Mowbray, Assured Community Care offers a variety of services across the town and surrounding villages. Working closely with the local council, alongside third-party providers, the company endeavours to provide the best possible care, whatever the service user needs. “Assured Community Care works with a number of different service users, and they all have different health care issues, so the company is always busy in order to ensure the best and correct care is delivered at all times. What makes Assured Community Care a success is the core values we all follow and share as a team and these are: Trust, Professionalism, Caring, Teamwork, Respect and Integrity these values are important for the company as these values build the foundation of greatness,” Bhupinder explains in more detail. While the team cater to a variety of needs, Assured Community Care has become known for its specialised dementia care, where it has excelled, as Bhupinder moves on to discuss. “Most of our service users that we deliver care to are diagnosed with dementia, this kind of diagnosis is always difficult to understand but in order to understand the service user you are dealing with I think it’s important to understand there family and how they cope on a day to day basis, and from there Assured Community Care believe a bespoke care plan can be put together to ensure good care is delivered and also to ensure the right staff are put in place, Also Assured Community Care believe when putting a care plan together it’s a journey taken not just with the service user but also the family so the company have a portal set up where family members can log into and check the progress of their loved one so they are always involved at all times.” Of course, the industry as a whole has been undergoing some challenges since the COVID-19 pandemic, namely in terms of recruitment and bringing on new talent that reflect the values of the company. For Bhupinder, it’s crucial the you ensure that the team remain passionate and engaged with the core beliefs and goals of the company. “All companies have challenges with recruitment currently. At the start of the company it was difficult to recruit, but one aspect where Assured Community Care has thrived with is what we offer all our staff members, which is not just the hourly rate but it’s our company perks such as employee of the month awards, I believe you really need to appreciate the staff members and the amount of effort they put in to deliver that personal 1 to 1 care. As a director, I also go out to deliver care this allows me to understand all care needs and what each staff member puts into Assured Community Care, A little thank you goes along way. “All our team members are vetted, and trained to high standards and the one thing we ensure all team members go through is our induction program as this allows all team members to understand the company and the values that we are so proud of, and all the on-going training and refresher programs this shows the team members how the company invest in them to ensure the best comes out of them when delivering high quality care at all times, our current team members are like family and we all work together and support one another.” With these values firmly in place, Assured Community Care is sure to thrive as it moves on to the future. Company Name: Assured Community Care Contact Name: Bhupinder Dhaliwal, Executive Director Address: Assured Community Care, Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, LE13 0PB Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 07437343925 A Jan23634 “Assured Community Care are growing from strength to strength and the future is to grow the service and branch out into other towns and share the vision and values with other communities and to keep on delivering high standards of care.” - Bhupinder Dhaliwal, Executive Director