Private Healthcare Awards 2024

Private Healthcare Awards 2024

Global Health & Pharma is excited to announce that the Private Healthcare Awards are set to return for an eighth consecutive year in 2024! Private Healthcare Awards 2024 This long-running programme aims to showcase the top service providers across the Private Health sector, and to recognise the vital contributions of those innovating and disrupting the market today. Thanks to competitive pricing, greater accessibility, and shorter waiting times, Private Healthcare is gaining a clear market advantage over traditional state-funded services. This means that each year, more and more patients around the world are turning to self-payment or private medical insurance options for their health treatments. Previously it was elective and non-urgent procedures that made up the majority of private-based services, but consumer interest in this segment continues to rise, increasing demand for private GPs, consultations, and diagnostics. Private Health providers are taking an innovative approach to attracting new patients, fuelling revenue growth across the sector. The pandemic accelerated this growth within the Private Health market, as international health systems were put under immense strain and almost all resources had to be redirected to covid-related cases. In response to this rapidly rising demand there was a spike in private sector referrals, emphasising the important role Private Healthcare plays in ensuring the continuity of supply chain and business operations throughout the overall Health industry. Recent reports anticipate a positive long-term outlook for the Private Health market, as patient behaviour is evolving to place increasing importance on efficient, technology-driven, and personalised services. Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. All Toe-gether Podiatry: Best Private Podiatry Care Company 2024 - England & Wales & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 2024 6. KARNAK Medical S.r.l: Most Innovative Natural Wellness Devices Developer 2024 – Italy 8. Lumineux Aesthetics: Facial Aesthetics Clinic of the Year 2024 – Hampshire 10. Mr Sabur Malek: Hip & Knee Surgeon of the Year 2024 (Midlands) 12. HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre: Best Healthcare Concierge Service 2024 - Greater London 13. Self London: Most Innovative Skincare Clinic 2024 - London 14. Healand Clinic: Most Innovative Private Healthcare Clinic 2024 – UK & Excellence Award in Pain Management 2024 - UK 15. KP GP Services: Most Dedicated Private GP Practice 2024 - Kent 16. Ropergate Dental Care & Implant Studio: Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic 2024 - West Yorkshire & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 2024 17. Rejuve Medical: GHP Excellence Award for Dermal Fillers 2024 - London 18. Dr Leonardo Fasano: Body Sculpting Specialist of the Year 2024 (England): Leonardo Fasano & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 19. The Doctor Bibi Clinic: Best in Safety for Cosmetic Medicine 2024 - London 20. Harmony Medical Aesthetics: Most Innovative Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic 2024 – England & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 21. The White Bridge Clinic: Dental Implants Clinic of the Year 2024 - Oxfordshire

4 Offering a full and comprehensive range of foot treatments, All Toe-gether Podiatry is a foot health clinic providing individual treatment plans for all its patients’ comfort and well-being. This podiatric clinic offers a-wide array of treatments including foot thermography, diabetic foot care and assessment, low level laser therapy, healthy footwear supply, and more. We learn more about the company and its offerings following its success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2024. All Toe-gether Podiatry stands as the epitome of excellence in the realm of foot care, offering a complete collection of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its patients. Founded by Carl and S. Morris, experienced professionals with over a decade of experience in the podiatry industry, this clinic has established itself as a trusted provider of top-notch care. With two strategically located clinics in Glanhafren Market Hall in Newtown, Powys, and Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms, Shropshire, the clinic ensures accessibility and consistency in service delivery across both locations. At the heart of All Toe-gether Podiatry’s philosophy is a commitment to personalised care. Each patient receives individualised attention, starting with a thorough assessment of their foot health needs. The clinic’s expert team, comprising skilled practitioners trained in the latest techniques and technologies, collaborates to develop tailored treatment plans that address specific concerns and promote optimal outcomes. From routine nail care to other treatments such as shoe fitting, musculoskeletal assessment, bunions, neuroma, metatarsalgia, dropped arches, leg length discrepancy, and more, the clinic offers a wide range of services designed to alleviate discomfort, improve mobility, and enhance overall foot health. This clinic also prioritises diabetic foot care and assessment, with specialised protocols in place to minimise the risk of complications and promote wound healing in diabetic patients. One of the clinic’s distinguished features is its dedication towards patients’ education. Recognising the importance of empowering individuals to take charge of their foot health, All Toe-gether Podiatry provides complete guidance on preventive measures, proper footwear selection, and effective self-care practices. By equipping patients with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain healthy feet, the clinic promotes long-term wellness and reduce the risk of recurring issues. In addition to treatment and education, All Toe-gether Podiatry offers custom orthotics and footwear solutions tailored to each patient’s unique biomechanical needs. Utilising advanced technology and materials, the clinic’s skilled practitioners create orthotics that provide optimal support, stability, and comfort, helping patients overcome foot pain and enhance their mobility. With many state-of-the-art machines, All Toe-gether Podiatry helps its clients get rid of their foot issues. It uses thermal foot scanning, which is great for visual guidance for diagnosis and prevention of problems and is essential for well-being for all. The company also provides low-level laser therapy to aid the natural healing process of the body safely and effectively employing low power laser light. Using this process All Toe-gether Podiatry helps individuals in treating plantar fasciitis (policeman’s heel), tendonitis, neuropathic and phantom pain, diabetic ulceration, rheumatoid and osteoarthritic, chronic oedema, warts, and verrucae. Beyond traditional podiatry services, the clinic also specialises in nail correction and reconstruction systems with the help of technologies such as the Onyfix and Toeflex. The Onyfix® is a non-invasive nail correction system from Germany. It is an innovative product for the pain-free treatment of involuted, pincher, and in-growing toenails. Whereas Toeflex is a hybrid gel system for toenails. The expert team members of All Toegether Podiatry use this poly-acryl gel as it is perfect for toenail reconstruction as it is lighter, stronger, and easier to use than traditional gel products. These non-invasive treatments in All Toe-gether Podiatry deliver effective solutions for a range of nail conditions, providing patients with relief by restoring the aesthetics of their feet. Mr and Mrs Morris, the driving forces behind All Toe-gether Podiatry, led by examples, demonstrates a steadfast assurance to perfection and continuous improvement. Both practitioners regularly engage in ongoing professional development activities to stay ahead of the latest advancements in podiatric care, ensuring that they can offer their patients the most effective treatments available. With the designation of the clinic’s manager, Carl plays an important role in overseeing day-to-day operations. As a qualified and registered foot health practitioner he is also responsible for shoe fitting for the patients. He deals with the orthotics, making them bespoke pieces for patients to offer them ultimate relief. He is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of the patient experience meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Meanwhile, Mrs Morris, armed with a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry and accreditation from prestigious professional bodies such as the HCPC and the Royal College of Podiatry, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a practicing podiatrist. Known for her compassionate demeanour and unwavering dedication to patient care, she has earned a stellar reputation among her peers and patients alike. Adding to the expertise of Mr and Mrs Morris is Andrea, the clinic’s dedicated receptionist, whose warm character and efficient service ensure that patients feel welcomed and valued from the moment they enter the premises Andrea’s meticulous attention to detail and obligation to meet the needs of patients contribute to the overall success and reputation of All Toe-gether Podiatry. Best Private Podiatry Care Company 2024 - England & Wales & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 2024

GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 “We work together to put your foot health needs first. We are passionate about looking after people’s feet and treating their pain and discomfort; it is always at the forefront of what we do. All Toe-gether Podiatry is our focus and our business, and we feel lucky to be able to work together. We enjoy seeing many of our patients regularly and always look forward to new faces at the door to help too. We genuinely care about all of our patients, not only their feet!” The clinic’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its physical locations, as evidenced by the glowing testimonials and reviews from satisfied patients. Michelle T Oliver, in a heartfelt expression of gratitude, commented, “We cannot thank All Toegether Podiatry enough for the outstanding care she has given my grandad this morning. From the moment we rang to book the appointment to the appointment today, the care and support have been wonderful from the whole team. She gave my grandad so much time and care. She carried out a holistic approach to his care and gave advice on continuing care and products. Time was never an issue, and she took the time to attend to each problem.” Rene Thurston also shared her satisfaction with the clinic’s service, she said, “Excellent experience. My ingrowing toenail is so much better with Onyfix. Carl was great.” In summary, All Toe-gether Podiatry serves as a shining embodiment of mastery in podiatric care, driven by passion for improving the lives of its patients through personalised treatments, education, and commendable services. With a dedicated team, state-of-the-art facilities, and on-going innovation, this clinic truly deserves the titles of Best Private Podiatry Care Company 2024 - England and Wales & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 2024. The clinic continues to set the standards of foot health high in the community it serves. Whether addressing routine foot concerns or complex medical conditions, All Toe-gether Podiatry delivers exceptional care and support every step of the way. Contact Details Contact: Carl Morris Company: All Toe-gether Podiatry Web Address:

6 Feb24555 KARNAK Medical S.r.l. operating under KARNAK HEALTH, is an innovative company, developing groundbreaking biotechnology capable of regenerating our cells. This is achieved through devices, using electromagnetic signals and light pulses native to our bodies. Following the company’s recent success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2024, we had the opportunity to speak with the Founder and CEO, Elio Muti, who provided further insights into this pioneering project. “The purpose of KARNAK devices is to restore the potential and functionality of our cells to full expression, activate cellular self-repair and regeneration with direct action at the source of the cellular electromagnetic imbalance, to recover and maintain a state of well-being.” – Elio Muti ARNAK project was founded in Milan in 1990 with an initial phase of scientific research into the biophysical potentials of living beings and evolved in the year 2000 when Elio Muti recognised the significance of biophysical reactions occurring within the human body, particularly the electromagnetic signals produced by the brain and utilised by cells as a means of communication. This realisation led Elio and his team to embark on a project aimed at revolutionising the health and wellness sector. Over the course of more than three decades, KARNAK HEALTH has focused on scientific research and developments, resulting in the registration of fifteen industrial invention patents in the field of biophysics applied to living beings. These innovations have facilitated collaborations with scientists, researchers, and esteemed figures from universities. With the KARNAK project, the commercial field of using biofrequencies applied to brain areas was initiated. Hence, in 2017 all this know-how and expertise employed in the field of wellness this dedication culminated in the establishment of KARNAK Medical S.r.l. bringing the KARNAK project to a new dimension: KARNAK HEALTH. By 2018, a significant milestone was achieved with the attainment of medical certification, marking scientific recognition of the KARNAK Medical project, which is also found in recent scientific discoveries Most Innovative Natural Wellness Devices Developer 2024 – Italy K

GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 rooted in biophysical principles for all KARNAK Medical S.r.l.’s professional and private clients. With strategic partnerships with universities and active involvement in training events, KARNAK Medical S.r.l. fosters a fertile environment for advancement of Neuroscience and Biophysics, cultivating a new generation of professionals enthusiastic about the intersection of biophysical science and our mental and physical well-being. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, KARNAK Medical S.r.l. is prepared to capitalise on a myriad of opportunities for growth and development. With the finalisation of regulatory compliance for MDR-certified medical products on the horizon, the company is ready to expand its reach and impact the global healthcare landscape. Therefore, it is looking for business partners for markets in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific, so that all the people can have access to this amazing cell generation treatment. Concurrently, ongoing advances in new product lines dedicated to aesthetics, sports, and animal medicine highlight KARNAK Medical S.r.l.’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and addressing evolving market needs. Today, as the world grapples with unprecedented health challenges and an increased emphasis on holistic well-being, KARNAK Medical S.r.l. stands as a guiding light of scientific advancement and excellence in Italy, as well as the world. With numerous published patents serving as a testament to its pioneering spirit, the company has cemented its position as a trailblazer in biotechnology. Moreover, the awarded title of the Most Innovative Natural Wellness Devices Developer 2024 – Italy, not only validates KARNAK Medical S.r.l.’s contributions to the scientific community but also reaffirms its role as a catalyst for positive change in the pursuit of optimal health and vitality. Contact: Elio Muti Company: KARNAK Medical S.r.l. Web Address: in Medicine and Quantum Physics, along with insights from Nobel Prize laureates, highlighting the critical role of biophysics in mental and physical health and well-being. KARNAK Medical S.r.l. has patented its technology in Italy, Europe, USA, Canada and China. This technology harnesses natural electromagnetic stimuli to heal and regenerate the body’s cells. The therapies offered by the company are scientifically sound, natural, and non-invasive, based on principles such as Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF), photobiomodulation and applied trans-dermally and trans-cranially (TMS). In recent years, this company has created many medical grade product lines for healthcare professionals. These products are to be use in health departments to gain direct help in pathology and on the symptoms of many diseases, providing overall and integrated interactions within the cells. Resulting, increased effectiveness of different therapies planned in the therapeutic journey of each patient. This company’s discovery has enabled the integration of therapeutic and holistic approaches stimulating the self-repair processes of cells and supporting vital functions to enhance quality of life naturally and scientifically. Elio emphasises, “Our success is determined by the information that technology now exists that can help our cells take care of us in a completely natural and scientific way. More and more people are becoming aware that our cells can be tuned and recharged with vital signals in order to live everyday life to its full potential.” Presently, KARNAK Medical S.r.l. serves thousands of customers across 37 countries, including healthcare professionals, athletes, and individuals seeking personalised solutions. The company’s focus is on placing all its clients at the core of its methods, studying, and optimising cellular parameters to promote vitality without solely addressing symptoms and diseases. Elio’s unwavering dedication and strategic leadership played central role in steering KARNAK Medical S.r.l. through challenges and uncertainties, while also ensuring the scientific integrity of company’s therapies. His visionary approaches not only driven the business forward but also fostered an advanced culture that permeates every aspect of KARNAK Medical S.r.l.’s operations. Elio was first person to conceive and realise the combination of sunlight with electromagnetic fields in the frequency range of infrasound, coincidently which is also the meaning of his name (sun in absence of sound). By creating this fusion of healing sunlight (photobiomodulation) with pulsed electromagnetic fields, Elio exemplifies a commitment to providing holistic, natural solutions H E A L T H

8 Owned by Jacqueline Thomasson, Lumineux Aesthetics is a beautiful aesthetic clinic popular for a number of luxury skincare treatments which enhance the looks as well as the confidence of her clients. Specialising in anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, skin boosters, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), mesotherapy and many more treatments, Lumineux Aesthetics is exactly what you need for all anti-aging and skin care treatments. Celebrating its success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2024 we contacted Jacqueline to learn more about her company’s aims and objectives. “Advanced anatomy and physiology and continuing professional development in aesthetic medicine is key as a practitioner. Promoting clients’ health and well-being is a fundamental aspect of facial aesthetics. Adopting a holistic approach to understand the motivation for treatment is the first step to understanding what the client is trying to achieve and to manage expectations” – Jacqueline Thomasson Based in the heart of Southampton, Lumineux Aesthetics has an outstanding reputation for using only the highest-quality licensed products sourced from reputable pharmacies, which are backed by scientific evidence and have excellent safety profiles. Jacqueline, with her core values centred around safety of clients, always aims for exceptional services using the best products in her clinic. Jacqueline has been trained extensively in all aspects of facial aesthetics. She has completed advanced levels in facial skincare at the post graduate level 7 diploma in injectable therapies, in London, Harley Street. Alongside, she is also a registered nurse practitioner in general nursing and mental health, with a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years. She is also an Independent Nurse Prescriber Jacqueline truly supports a regulated aesthetic industry with licensed premises and practitioners. She believes that all professional skincare solution providers must be fully trained by a reliable mentor. To this end, she is confident that this will make it easier for people to choose the appropriate clinic for their treatments. Jacqueline strives to make her clients feel happy and confident about themselves by enhancing their natural features and bringing out the best version of themselves with the best quality treatments. With her philosophy that beauty isn’t just superficial but rather fundamental, she wants to help people get glowing, timeless skin. She says, “It is not about vanity, but about feeling good about yourself. If it feels good, then do it. We cannot control ageing, we will all grow old, but we can control how we age. If we can delay the process in a positive way, then why not?” Lumineux Aesthetics’ central values are rooted in a commitment to quality, science and innovation, sustainability, customer satisfaction, and education and have been consistent since its establishment. It is an accredited clinic of SAVE FACE, which is the only government approved register. By adhering to these principles, the brand has built a loyal customer base that trusts it to offer effective and ethical skincare solutions – and its mission to continuous improvement and staying aligned with emerging industry trends ensures that it will remain a leading player in the skincare industry. For Jacqueline, clear communication about any treatment plays a significant role in building a trusted relationship with her customers. She emphasises, “The most crucial factor is being open and transparent through thorough consultation and exploring clients’ expectations as individuals. I always explain the importance of aftercare and make sure the clients have a written copy and a good understanding before they leave the clinic.” “At Lumineux Aesthetics, I believe that all clients deserve to be the best version of themselves and look natural and refreshed after every treatment. Non-surgical treatments are advancing and aimed at improving skin health, reducing signs of ageing, and enhancing our physical attributes” Having a background of mental health nursing and teaching, Jacqueline has the ability to instantly connect with her patients across all ages. Her combined skills including Facial Aesthetics Clinic of the Year 2024 – Hampshire

GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 practical aesthetics and mental health for more than a decade have enhanced her understanding of the psychology of people who come to her for skincare treatments. She uses all her knowledge to understand her clients’ social, physiological, and psychological health, and how their skin condition has affected the self-confidence and well-being of each individual. She identifies their desires and needs and delivers the best-described treatments for each of them. Communication is key to Jacqueline, so she has translated all the information regarding the treatments, policies, procedures, and post treatment care into other languages for her non-English speaking clients. As she has a huge group of Chinese customers, she has translated aftercare leaflets and all other information about her clinic in Mandarin so that her clients understand everything accurately and can select the treatment they truly need. Jacqueline’s mission is simply to bring a smile to her clients’ faces as they embark on a journey of transformation and personal growth, regardless of age. She travels to different renowned academies, including Dr Tim Pearce’s, where, under his team, she has completed many advanced training certificates. As a leading aesthetic clinician and trainer with a global reputation for commitment to safe practice, Dr Tim has always been a role model to Jacqueline, who has inspired her to implement the best products and services for her clients. Her dedication and excellence are appreciated by many of her customers, with some glowing reviews such as: “Jacqueline was very patient in explaining the precautions to be taken after the injection and was very gentle during the injection process, so I hardly felt any pain. When I was nervous, she helped me to relax. There was also a special Chinese post-operative care note, which was super sweet,” and “Jacqueline is very qualified, experience and professional. I am delighted with my treatment. I would not go anywhere else and recommend Lumineux Aesthetics to my friends who also have loved the results.” Recently, for Jacqueline’s passion and determination to offering safe and effective treatments and skincare products that work perfectly in accordance with clients’ features, Lumineux Aesthetics has gained notable recognition as Facial Aesthetics Clinic of the Year 2024 – Hampshire. Understandably delighted by this prestigious accolade, Jacqueline was more than happy to share some plans for the future with us, which revolve around staying up to date with innovations and being part of international conferences to stay ahead in the industry and continue providing exceptionally outstanding treatments to make people look and feel youthful and confident. Contact: Jacqueline Thomasson Company: Lumineux Aesthetics Web Address:

10 When Mr. Sabur Malek became an orthopaedic consultant back in 2011, he already had seven years in the industry, primarily in NHS settings across England and Wales. Having now filled more than half a dozen different positions relating to orthopaedic surgery, first in NHS facilities and then in private practice for the likes of Nuffield Health, Sabur is today a hip and knee replacement surgery specialist, operating mainly out of Stafford’s Rowley Hall Hospital and Birmingham’s West Midlands Hospital. Concentrating on clinical work and treating both NHS and private patients at both of these hospitals, Sabur is afforded the opportunity to carry out a more patient-centred approach to care, and we catch up with him to find out more about this role. In the field of hip and knee surgery, Sabur Malek is somewhat of a celebrity, famed in industry circles for his particular expertise regarding minimally invasive surgery and subsequent enhanced recovery protocols. Leveraging this approach, patients can recover much quicker when compared to traditional methods, as well as dealing with considerably fewer complications, resulting in a client that is ultimately much more satisfied, healthier, and stronger. Key to achieving this is Sabur’s renowned reduced incision sizes, 2.5-3 inches for the hip and 4-6 inches for the knee respectively, which is substantially less than the industry standard of 10-12 inches from traditional replacement surgery in these areas. As one can imagine, a shorter incision brings with it a host of benefits, as not only is the area of scarring much smaller and thus more cosmetically pleasing, but less of an incision also significantly reduces the chances of infection and the complications that can arise from bleeding. This is a method that Sabur has more than perfected over the last decade or so, and in the year 2022-23 alone, he performed exactly 572 joint replacements, specifically, 253 hips, 185 total knees, and 134 partial knees. Sabur explains that this made him, “one of the very few surgeons crossing 500 joint replacements a year in the UK.” He continues, “these numbers are steadily going up, and I expect to cross 700 joints this year.” While such impressive numbers speak for themselves, Sabur is not the sort of person to rest on his laurels, and with every single person that comes in, he makes patient satisfaction his top priority, treating everyone with the uppermost empathy and compassion, addressing them as an individual person as opposed to simply a patient. A big part of this is using nothing short of the best implants for the job, with extra time and care also being taken prior to the operation in collaboration with the nursing and physiotherapy teams to ensure a streamlined and uniform approach to providing the best possible care. This distinction is accurately reflected in the hundreds of great testimonials gracing the review website More than just Sabur himself, many of these testimonials make explicit reference to the holistic care that is provided, with Sabur telling us, “these also highlight the importance of working with a competent team that includes a compassionate consultant anaesthetist, pleasant ward staff, knowledgeable theatre staff, a compassionate physio team, as well as enthusiastic clinic staff.” Sabur also mentions the excellent staff at the receptions, in the kitchens and admin offices, the cleaners, and the members of the senior leadership teams of both hospitals, as well as the private patient and GP liaison teams, without whom, the picture would remain incomplete and the ship unable to run as tightly as it does presently. Of course, the medical sphere extends far beyond just the facilities where Sabur works, and as such, he strives to remain updated on all of the advancements being made in the field, which presently include the likes of day surgery replacements, robotic assisted surgery, and increasingly modernised implants that offer up better outcomes for patients. Regardless of these developments, Sabur states that he, “strongly believes that surgical experience is the key to a successful outcome.” He continues, “I strive to keep improving my surgical skills and aim to make these operations as successful as possible.” This commitment is so important in this post-pandemic world, where the NHS is under tremendous pressure thanks to patient backlogs, with the wait times for joint replacements one of the areas that has been hit the hardest. While this number is coming down slowly, Sabur predicts that more people will require such an operation as time goes on, making it incredibly difficult for NHS staff to keep on top of things. As a result of these long waits, the cost of private treatment has risen exponentially over the past few years, exacerbated by demand and an increase in overall expenses. Through Sabur’s aforementioned enhanced recovery protocols and safe, quick discharges however, more people can be treated well. As he looks towards the future, Sabur expects the rest of 2024 and subsequent years to bring increased footfall to his practice, with more people seeking out his pioneering knee and hip replacement solutions. Furthermore, Ramsay Health Care, which is responsible for the management of the hospitals Sabur works at in both Stafford and Birmingham, has increased infrastructure and the capacity of facilities, providing new day surgery units to hold more patients. Sabur expects that over the coming years, they will be made yet bigger still, as the health service secures its footing once more. Sabur notes, “one should bear in mind that this increase in capacity is not just for private patients but also to treat more NHS patients.” Far from the first accolade that Mr. Sabur Malek has received for his outstanding work in the field, we are exceptionally proud to name him as the Hip & Knee Surgeon of the Year 2024 (Midlands), and champion his tremendous approach to hip and knee surgery that offers a reduced recovery time, less chance of complications, and a much less noticeable scar. For everything from total hip Hip & Knee Surgeon of the Year 2024 (Midlands): Sabur Malek

GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 replacements to partial knee replacements, the minimally invasive replacement surgery for hips and knees that is provided by Sabur is sure to continue to garner excellent results and satisfied clients for years to come, and we wish Sabur the best of luck as he continues down the path to crossing 700 joints replaced in 12 months later this year. Contact: Mr. Sabur Malek Company: Web Address:

12 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 The Medical Concierge Centre functions as a central hub for urgent admissions across HCA Healthcare UK hospitals, providing patients with a tailored pathway through HCA UK’s medical network. From initial consultations and urgent GP referrals to second opinions and transfers, the service is well equipped to address a wide range of healthcare needs. For its dedication to enhancing access to private healthcare, we are proud to present the Medical Concierge Centre with this year’s award for Best Healthcare Concierge Service – Greater London. The Medical Concierge Centre prides itself on being the only 24/7 clinician-led service registered with the CQC. Its partnership with HCA UK, a private healthcare provider, has helped establish the centre as a leader in delivering specialised care across a variety of disciplines. The Medical Concierge Centre specialises in navigating complex healthcare pathways, coordinating multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) for cases such as poly-trauma, and effortlessly expediating international Intensive Care Unit transfers. Clients receive just one phone number and email address to simplify access to all the centre’s vital services. With a dedicated team member available round the clock, patients can be assured they’ll always reach a sympathetic voice instead of a voicemail or call forwarding service. Working in collaboration with the NHS through its NHS Transfer Service, the Medical Concierge Centre can organise the transition of patients from NHS facilities to HCA UK hospitals. Over the past year, its NHS Transfer Service has grown in popularity, helping to release NHS beds for those in need. The centre has completed over 600 NHS transfers, providing patients with continuity of care and complete patient satisfaction. Internationally, the centre has also created an extensive network of providers and international insurers to increase access for international patients to specialised services that may not be offered in country. As the company continued to grow, the team quickly identified the lack of availability of private ambulance transfers. In response, the Medical Concierge Centre formed a strategic partnership with SATS, a private ambulance company offering 24/7 ambulance services. This collaboration has allowed the centre to expand its services, streamline operations, and conduct transfers swiftly and efficiently. In order to ensure its team possesses the technical proficiency and qualities to deliver these exceptional services, the centre has adopted a multifaceted approach. Daniel Brice, Head of Operations at the HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre, says, “Firstly, we looked for individuals who possessed the necessary skills and expertise relevant to their duty. However, beyond expertise, we also value qualities such as adaptability, creativity, and a collaborative mindset. Nowadays, in a dynamic work environment, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and think innovatively is crucial. Likewise, a willingness to collaborate and communicate effectively with team members fosters cooperation and drives collective success. “Cultural fit is another crucial aspect to consider. It’s essential to ensure that new team members line up with the organisation’s values, mission, and culture. This alignment helps maintain harmony within the team and promotes a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Additionally, providing space for growth and development is key to ensure team members are engaged and motivated.” Looking to the future, the Medical Concierge Centre is dedicated to expanding its global partnerships in order to provide access to superior healthcare for those in need. With the opening of HCA Healthcare UK’s newest hospital, The Harborne in Birmingham, the centre is excited to expand its concierge services to the North to improve accessibility outside of London. The company will also strive to forge deeper connections with insurance companies to better serve its patients. Over the coming year, the centre aims to strengthen its relationships with sporting clubs to provide healthcare support to players and staff in urgent situations. It will also look to expand its winter sports injury service, to support patients injured on the slopes who wish to return to the UK for treatment. In addition to these steps, the team is currently developing bespoke packages for its corporate clients to offer C-suite employees unlimited access to its concierge services. These packages will provide clients with access to other HCA UK services including private GP consultations and health-screening services. By expanding its services to corporate clients, the centre aims to ensure that executives also receive high-quality personalised care and support. Supported by a dedicated clinical team, the Medical Concierge Centre has established a streamlined operation – one that is capable of handling a wide array of healthcare needs, and gives patients seamless access to HCA UK’s network, leading them smoothly through their healthcare journey. For this unmatched speed and accessibility, we have bestowed on the Medical Concierge Centre this year’s award for Best Healthcare Concierge Service - Greater London. For more information on the Medical Concierge Centre Contact: Megan Field Company: HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre Email: [email protected] To access the Medical Concierge Centre for time-critical admissions: Email: [email protected] 24/7 Direct Line Number: +44 (0)20 7616 4999 Best Healthcare Concierge Service 2024 - Greater London

13 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 roud to uphold the values of excellence, integrity, transparency, respect, and inclusivity, Self London is an innovative skincare clinic that treasures the uniqueness of each patient. Addressing its patients with a refreshing level of kindness, the clinic has structured its services around excellence of outcomes, in line with its core mission. Founded by Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto, Self London aims to be the best dermatologist-led service in London, and it has therefore gone the extra mile to cultivate its service in a clinic space that any patient should be eager to experience. The result is an award-winning skincare clinic that leverages both skill and compassion in addressing its patients’ skin concerns. Self London’s state-of-the-art procedures, in particular its laser suite, are its standouts. Recognised across the industry for its commitment to offering a genuinely comprehensive, end-to-end skin journey to a wide breadth of patient types, the clinic has pursued this aim with impressive tenacity. Providing not just the means to ‘switch skin conditions off’, Self London capably manages scarring, redness, pigmentation issues and a myriad of other conditions, while delivering tailored aftercare that truly embraces the wellbeing of every patient. And, if patients require additional guidance in managing the oftenoverlooked mental health and dietary aspects that may partner with skin conditions, its Clinical Psychologist and Registered Dietitian are on hand to help. However, Self London’s selling points are best displayed through the clinic’s ability to address acne and acne scarring. As London’s go-to clinic for these concerns, Self London has become a specialist one-stop shop, able to offer every step of the treatment journey under one roof. In doing so, patients aren’t only inspired to feel settled and comfortable; they’re given access to the complete range of resources to resolve their acne and its impacts, all while on the path toward empowering their confidence. Of particular note, Self London is the first Consultant Dermatologist-led service in Europe to provide AviClear, a truly revolutionary new laser treatment for moderate to severe acne that does not depend on medication. Despite opening its doors only a year ago, Self London has already earned an exceptional reputation. Whether due to its expertise in medical skincare, or thanks to its specifically crafted surroundings, the clinic represents what clients should expect when entrusting their skin to a professional. Recognising the stress that often accompanies this process, Situated in Harley Street – the beating heart of London’s medical and surgical sphere – Self London is an expert-led dermatology, laser, and lifestyle clinic that guides patients through their respective skin journeys. With a focus on acne and acne scarring, the clinic provides a fully end-to-end, evidence-based service and has accumulated countless successful outcomes since opening its doors. Below, we explore how Self London medically addresses skin concerns in conjunction with its state-of-the-art lasers and a range of cosmetic procedures, all while upholding an unapologetically compassionate attitude toward helping patients regain skin confidence. Most Innovative Skincare Clinic 2024 - London Self London’s warm, approachable team is complemented by the airy, ‘zen’ interior of its premises to comprise a clinic that soothes patients from the moment they enter. These factors harmonise in a truly special entity – one that respects each patient’s individuality, while acting as a supportive companion throughout their skincare journeys. Recognised by GHP Magazine, as well as frequently in press such as Condé Nast Traveller, Self London is an innovative skincare clinic that understands what patients need, but also what they deserve. It accordingly embodies the perfect balance between service and surroundings to truly uplift and elevate even the most apprehensive of patients. In doing so, it’s established itself as a trustworthy, dependable face within the skincare industry. We look forward to seeing what Self London does next as it continues into 2024. Contact Details Contact: [email protected] Company: Self London Web Address: P Mar24115

14 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 ince it first began welcoming patients into its midst, this consultant-led and CQC registered clinic, Healand Clinic, has been delivering innovative healthcare services that never compromise on securing the desired result. Both transparent and talented, the clinic has amassed a selection of services that remain true to their names, while boasting cutting-edge techniques that haven’t failed to impress. Though its expertise covers a range of procedures, Healand Clinic has found itself being recognised time and time again for its pain management therapies. Comprised of three alternative methods, these therapies specifically target the treatment of pain, all in the hopes of enhancing the overall wellbeing of each individual patient, based on their specific needs. Despite presenting individuals with the choice of steroid or PRP injections, what has truly put Healand Clinic on the map is its ozone treatments. Designed to encourage the reduction of pain, and found to be exceptionally effective in treating autoimmune conditions, these ozone infusions marry natural gasses with technology to create a steadfast – and safe – pain relief solution. This process is indeed fascinating – in intravenous circumstances, blood is drawn via a needle and placed into a glass chamber, within which it’s mixed with ozone gas to create a seamless infusion. Once complete, the blood is injected back into the patient, introducing ozone gas into their blood stream in order to protect the body against harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. As a strong anti-inflammatory and autoimmune condition regulator, ozone treatments are able to tackle chronic pain, while also possessing anti-aging properties. Though it has been around for decades, it has only just found its footing within the UK, and Healand Clinic has gone above and beyond to both understand and master the application of this treatment. As a result, patients gain access to a procedure that boasts a variety of benefits, without any of the unpleasant side effects. Safe, innovative, and capable of alleviating various painful conditions, the ozone treatments exemplify everything Healand Clinic stands for. Where most clinics opt to follow the flow of industry trends and various technological emergences, Healand Clinic has wholly committed itself to discovering what it can do differently. In doing so, it’s cultivated a space in which patients can feel safe and secure, while receiving treatments that are specifically designed to improve their quality of life. Though it may be a relatively young clinic, Healand Clinic has already proven that it’s wise beyond its years, with its fresh approach to helping others distinguishing it as a truly unique entity within its field. GHP Magazine exists as a means to identify and shed light on those who have transcended current expectations to deliver entirely new experiences to their patients. Healand Clinic is one such collective – one that, in leveraging the exceptional expertise of its team, in tandem with its eye for continuous innovation, has created an environment in which any person can thrive. It’s for this very reason that we are proud to present Healand Clinic with this accolade, and we highly anticipate its future endeavours. Contact: Dr Omar Babar Company: Healand Clinic Telephone: 0116 507 2357 Web Address: Mar24058 S Well versed in the art of combining innovative, cutting-edge therapies with traditional medicines, Healand Clinic is a reputable private healthcare clinic whose extensive catalogue of services is characterised by the collective’s commitment to excellence. Whether it’s assisting with pain management, hormone replacement, weight loss, aesthetics, bioenhancements, or psychotherapy, Healand Clinic is dedicated to going the extra mile to create holistic packages that realise the wishes of each patient. Below, we explore how Healand Clinic has devised some of the trade’s most fascinating procedures. Most Innovative Private Healthcare Clinic 2024 – UK & Excellence Award in Pain Management 2024 - UK Healand Clinic

15 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 Over the next 12 months or so, KP GP Services in Kent is ramping up one of its primary community campaigns, this being the importance of one taking control of their own health. Since this team hold dear the belief that an individual must take a proactive approach when it comes to managing their own wellbeing, it is their overarching aim to constantly remind their patients of the important of this, alongside the face-to-face consultations, continuity of care, and trusted doctor-patient relationship that are all imperative to achieving better health. Unfortunately, these latter elements are often lost in the fragmented and impersonal healthcare system of today, but things do not always have to be this way. By emphasising the importance of keeping patients informed and encouraging them to take preventative steps when it comes to managing the risk of illness, whether this be changing their lifestyle, attending regular check-ups, or making the most of the array of resources and support available, KP GP Services is taking an equally proactive approach to fostering what Dhvani refers to as a “culture of health empowerment, where individuals feel confident and capable in managing their own health.” She continues, “we believe that this will not only improve individual wellbeing but also contribute to the overall health of the community”, a cause that GPs everywhere would certainly get behind. Beyond this, driving KP GP Services is a motivation to provide outstanding services in its area, as while the idea of a private GP is nothing new, this team are proud to be the first to offer this in their local area. Entering this new market was challenging, and as Dhvani tells us, “despite our excitement and determination to bring high-quality medical care to the community, we initially faced a significant amount of negative commentary.” This was based around the falsehood that the presence of a private GP was some sort of anti-NHS statement, which could not be further from the truth, with Dhvani speaking of a “desire to address the significant gap in the quality of care between the private sector and the NHS.” As time passed, people soon began to realise the error of their ways, and these previous misconceptions thankfully exist no more, with Dhvani and Kunal now celebrated in local circles for their unfaltering dedication to the mission of empowering, educating, and helping people to take charge of their own health and wellness. Complementing not only the NHS but other healthcare providers across the region, harmony is strived for so as to provide the best outcome for all patients. For Dhvani, “through perseverance and a steadfast commitment to our values”, “we are proud to continue serving the people of Canterbury with the same dedication and care that has become synonymous with our brand.” KP GP Services in Canterbury, Kent is a family-run private GP that offers all of the traditional services that one would expect, but with a much-needed personal touch that really sets it apart. Established by Dr. Kunal Patel and his wife, Dhvani Patel, the focus of this team ultimately revolves around providing healthcare of the highest quality, which is also affordable and delivered swiftly. Boasting a 4.95/5 rating from more than 100 reviews on medical review site Doctify, this award-winning GP was described by one patient as, “everything one could one hope for.” We catch up with Dhvani to find out more. Most Dedicated Private GP Practice 2024 - Kent In addition to the year-long commitment to raising awareness of one managing their own health, as discussed above, the future for KP GP Services is to be defined by the introduction of health checks for patients of all ages. Expanding further on this, Dhvani states, “regular health checks help establish your baseline, enabling you to track changes over time. This is key to optimising your performance and catching any potential issues early on.” Expertly summarising why everybody should pursue these, Dhvani continues, “the peace of mind that comes with regular health checks is invaluable, knowing that you are taking proactive steps to maintain your health.” Although private healthcare incurs a fee that is simply not payable for some people, this team remain committed to offering an affordable service that is more accessible to the wider population, all the while refusing to compromise on communication, flexibility, and a swift service delivery. The result is the most practical and effective approach to private healthcare in the region, one that has more than earned KP GP Services the title of Most Dedicated Private GP Practice 2024 – Kent. Contact: Dhvani Patel Company: KP GP Services Web Address: