Private Healthcare Awards 2024

12 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 The Medical Concierge Centre functions as a central hub for urgent admissions across HCA Healthcare UK hospitals, providing patients with a tailored pathway through HCA UK’s medical network. From initial consultations and urgent GP referrals to second opinions and transfers, the service is well equipped to address a wide range of healthcare needs. For its dedication to enhancing access to private healthcare, we are proud to present the Medical Concierge Centre with this year’s award for Best Healthcare Concierge Service – Greater London. The Medical Concierge Centre prides itself on being the only 24/7 clinician-led service registered with the CQC. Its partnership with HCA UK, a private healthcare provider, has helped establish the centre as a leader in delivering specialised care across a variety of disciplines. The Medical Concierge Centre specialises in navigating complex healthcare pathways, coordinating multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) for cases such as poly-trauma, and effortlessly expediating international Intensive Care Unit transfers. Clients receive just one phone number and email address to simplify access to all the centre’s vital services. With a dedicated team member available round the clock, patients can be assured they’ll always reach a sympathetic voice instead of a voicemail or call forwarding service. Working in collaboration with the NHS through its NHS Transfer Service, the Medical Concierge Centre can organise the transition of patients from NHS facilities to HCA UK hospitals. Over the past year, its NHS Transfer Service has grown in popularity, helping to release NHS beds for those in need. The centre has completed over 600 NHS transfers, providing patients with continuity of care and complete patient satisfaction. Internationally, the centre has also created an extensive network of providers and international insurers to increase access for international patients to specialised services that may not be offered in country. As the company continued to grow, the team quickly identified the lack of availability of private ambulance transfers. In response, the Medical Concierge Centre formed a strategic partnership with SATS, a private ambulance company offering 24/7 ambulance services. This collaboration has allowed the centre to expand its services, streamline operations, and conduct transfers swiftly and efficiently. In order to ensure its team possesses the technical proficiency and qualities to deliver these exceptional services, the centre has adopted a multifaceted approach. Daniel Brice, Head of Operations at the HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre, says, “Firstly, we looked for individuals who possessed the necessary skills and expertise relevant to their duty. However, beyond expertise, we also value qualities such as adaptability, creativity, and a collaborative mindset. Nowadays, in a dynamic work environment, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and think innovatively is crucial. Likewise, a willingness to collaborate and communicate effectively with team members fosters cooperation and drives collective success. “Cultural fit is another crucial aspect to consider. It’s essential to ensure that new team members line up with the organisation’s values, mission, and culture. This alignment helps maintain harmony within the team and promotes a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Additionally, providing space for growth and development is key to ensure team members are engaged and motivated.” Looking to the future, the Medical Concierge Centre is dedicated to expanding its global partnerships in order to provide access to superior healthcare for those in need. With the opening of HCA Healthcare UK’s newest hospital, The Harborne in Birmingham, the centre is excited to expand its concierge services to the North to improve accessibility outside of London. The company will also strive to forge deeper connections with insurance companies to better serve its patients. Over the coming year, the centre aims to strengthen its relationships with sporting clubs to provide healthcare support to players and staff in urgent situations. It will also look to expand its winter sports injury service, to support patients injured on the slopes who wish to return to the UK for treatment. In addition to these steps, the team is currently developing bespoke packages for its corporate clients to offer C-suite employees unlimited access to its concierge services. These packages will provide clients with access to other HCA UK services including private GP consultations and health-screening services. By expanding its services to corporate clients, the centre aims to ensure that executives also receive high-quality personalised care and support. Supported by a dedicated clinical team, the Medical Concierge Centre has established a streamlined operation – one that is capable of handling a wide array of healthcare needs, and gives patients seamless access to HCA UK’s network, leading them smoothly through their healthcare journey. For this unmatched speed and accessibility, we have bestowed on the Medical Concierge Centre this year’s award for Best Healthcare Concierge Service - Greater London. For more information on the Medical Concierge Centre Contact: Megan Field Company: HCA UK Medical Concierge Centre Email: [email protected] To access the Medical Concierge Centre for time-critical admissions: Email: [email protected] 24/7 Direct Line Number: +44 (0)20 7616 4999 Best Healthcare Concierge Service 2024 - Greater London