Private Healthcare Awards 2024

13 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 roud to uphold the values of excellence, integrity, transparency, respect, and inclusivity, Self London is an innovative skincare clinic that treasures the uniqueness of each patient. Addressing its patients with a refreshing level of kindness, the clinic has structured its services around excellence of outcomes, in line with its core mission. Founded by Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto, Self London aims to be the best dermatologist-led service in London, and it has therefore gone the extra mile to cultivate its service in a clinic space that any patient should be eager to experience. The result is an award-winning skincare clinic that leverages both skill and compassion in addressing its patients’ skin concerns. Self London’s state-of-the-art procedures, in particular its laser suite, are its standouts. Recognised across the industry for its commitment to offering a genuinely comprehensive, end-to-end skin journey to a wide breadth of patient types, the clinic has pursued this aim with impressive tenacity. Providing not just the means to ‘switch skin conditions off’, Self London capably manages scarring, redness, pigmentation issues and a myriad of other conditions, while delivering tailored aftercare that truly embraces the wellbeing of every patient. And, if patients require additional guidance in managing the oftenoverlooked mental health and dietary aspects that may partner with skin conditions, its Clinical Psychologist and Registered Dietitian are on hand to help. However, Self London’s selling points are best displayed through the clinic’s ability to address acne and acne scarring. As London’s go-to clinic for these concerns, Self London has become a specialist one-stop shop, able to offer every step of the treatment journey under one roof. In doing so, patients aren’t only inspired to feel settled and comfortable; they’re given access to the complete range of resources to resolve their acne and its impacts, all while on the path toward empowering their confidence. Of particular note, Self London is the first Consultant Dermatologist-led service in Europe to provide AviClear, a truly revolutionary new laser treatment for moderate to severe acne that does not depend on medication. Despite opening its doors only a year ago, Self London has already earned an exceptional reputation. Whether due to its expertise in medical skincare, or thanks to its specifically crafted surroundings, the clinic represents what clients should expect when entrusting their skin to a professional. Recognising the stress that often accompanies this process, Situated in Harley Street – the beating heart of London’s medical and surgical sphere – Self London is an expert-led dermatology, laser, and lifestyle clinic that guides patients through their respective skin journeys. With a focus on acne and acne scarring, the clinic provides a fully end-to-end, evidence-based service and has accumulated countless successful outcomes since opening its doors. Below, we explore how Self London medically addresses skin concerns in conjunction with its state-of-the-art lasers and a range of cosmetic procedures, all while upholding an unapologetically compassionate attitude toward helping patients regain skin confidence. Most Innovative Skincare Clinic 2024 - London Self London’s warm, approachable team is complemented by the airy, ‘zen’ interior of its premises to comprise a clinic that soothes patients from the moment they enter. These factors harmonise in a truly special entity – one that respects each patient’s individuality, while acting as a supportive companion throughout their skincare journeys. Recognised by GHP Magazine, as well as frequently in press such as Condé Nast Traveller, Self London is an innovative skincare clinic that understands what patients need, but also what they deserve. It accordingly embodies the perfect balance between service and surroundings to truly uplift and elevate even the most apprehensive of patients. In doing so, it’s established itself as a trustworthy, dependable face within the skincare industry. We look forward to seeing what Self London does next as it continues into 2024. Contact Details Contact: [email protected] Company: Self London Web Address: P Mar24115