Private Healthcare Awards 2024

14 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 ince it first began welcoming patients into its midst, this consultant-led and CQC registered clinic, Healand Clinic, has been delivering innovative healthcare services that never compromise on securing the desired result. Both transparent and talented, the clinic has amassed a selection of services that remain true to their names, while boasting cutting-edge techniques that haven’t failed to impress. Though its expertise covers a range of procedures, Healand Clinic has found itself being recognised time and time again for its pain management therapies. Comprised of three alternative methods, these therapies specifically target the treatment of pain, all in the hopes of enhancing the overall wellbeing of each individual patient, based on their specific needs. Despite presenting individuals with the choice of steroid or PRP injections, what has truly put Healand Clinic on the map is its ozone treatments. Designed to encourage the reduction of pain, and found to be exceptionally effective in treating autoimmune conditions, these ozone infusions marry natural gasses with technology to create a steadfast – and safe – pain relief solution. This process is indeed fascinating – in intravenous circumstances, blood is drawn via a needle and placed into a glass chamber, within which it’s mixed with ozone gas to create a seamless infusion. Once complete, the blood is injected back into the patient, introducing ozone gas into their blood stream in order to protect the body against harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. As a strong anti-inflammatory and autoimmune condition regulator, ozone treatments are able to tackle chronic pain, while also possessing anti-aging properties. Though it has been around for decades, it has only just found its footing within the UK, and Healand Clinic has gone above and beyond to both understand and master the application of this treatment. As a result, patients gain access to a procedure that boasts a variety of benefits, without any of the unpleasant side effects. Safe, innovative, and capable of alleviating various painful conditions, the ozone treatments exemplify everything Healand Clinic stands for. Where most clinics opt to follow the flow of industry trends and various technological emergences, Healand Clinic has wholly committed itself to discovering what it can do differently. In doing so, it’s cultivated a space in which patients can feel safe and secure, while receiving treatments that are specifically designed to improve their quality of life. Though it may be a relatively young clinic, Healand Clinic has already proven that it’s wise beyond its years, with its fresh approach to helping others distinguishing it as a truly unique entity within its field. GHP Magazine exists as a means to identify and shed light on those who have transcended current expectations to deliver entirely new experiences to their patients. Healand Clinic is one such collective – one that, in leveraging the exceptional expertise of its team, in tandem with its eye for continuous innovation, has created an environment in which any person can thrive. It’s for this very reason that we are proud to present Healand Clinic with this accolade, and we highly anticipate its future endeavours. Contact: Dr Omar Babar Company: Healand Clinic Telephone: 0116 507 2357 Web Address: Mar24058 S Well versed in the art of combining innovative, cutting-edge therapies with traditional medicines, Healand Clinic is a reputable private healthcare clinic whose extensive catalogue of services is characterised by the collective’s commitment to excellence. Whether it’s assisting with pain management, hormone replacement, weight loss, aesthetics, bioenhancements, or psychotherapy, Healand Clinic is dedicated to going the extra mile to create holistic packages that realise the wishes of each patient. Below, we explore how Healand Clinic has devised some of the trade’s most fascinating procedures. Most Innovative Private Healthcare Clinic 2024 – UK & Excellence Award in Pain Management 2024 - UK Healand Clinic