Private Healthcare Awards 2024

17 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 aesthetics is a field where there is no one-size-fitsall approach, it is Issy’s unique rejuvenation techniques that ensure all clients are afforded good results, regardless of their chosen treatment. In short, such natural results can make a client seem significantly younger, without their appearance being rendered fake-looking in the process. Besides this, what further solidifies the experience for clients is the polite, considerable, and honest nature of not only Issy, but also the admin team, whose input in the business has proven equally vital to its long-term success. Rejuve Medical’s small, close-knit team ensures that every client receives a caring service. Issy is even visited by people from all around the world, with many people choosing Rejuve Medical over huge brand names – a true testament to the work that the clinic prides itself on. Thanks to the dedication of this trio, a client will never be left speaking with an answering service, and the personable essence of the business is one of the things that is most cherished by its customers and has played a significant role in the company being celebrated in these 2024 Private Healthcare Awards. With a clinic in Guildford and another just down the road in West Byfleet, the doctor-led aesthetic treatments provided by Rejuve Medical are as unique as they are exemplary, with a full-service approach utilised to guarantee satisfaction at every turn. On the back of this, it is our privilege to celebrate the business with the GHP Excellence Award for Dermal Fillers 2024 – London. Contact: Dr. Issy Costeloe Company: Rejuve Medical Web Address: ffering an array of tailored aesthetic solutions inclusive of anti-wrinkle injections (most commonly known as Botox), skin rejuvenation services, anti-aging techniques, collagenstimulating injectables, plasma-rich proteins, and skin peels, as well its dermal and cheek fillers for which it has netted this GHP Excellence Award, Rejuve Medical’s approach to aesthetics can best be described as holistic. Beginning with a thorough consultation and assessment before clients are encouraged to make wellinformed decisions on the best course of action for them, it will not be long before the renowned Dr. Issy Costeloe sets about working her magic. Receiving her initial aesthetic training with a Distinction, in her postgraduate certificate training in anaesthetics from the prestigious University of London, Dr. Issy Costeloe completed a postgraduate course in the area of aesthetic medicine at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry more than a decade ago and keeps up to date with emerging aesthetics and advances. She has not looked back since. Leveraging an artistic eye and a precise hand, Issy delivers all of her treatments in a gentle and careful manner, with the results garnered keeping her happy clients coming back time and again once the treatments have eventually worn off. Further connoting Issy’s distinction, not only is she highly trained, but takes safety seriously and is a member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group (ACE). Tailoring every treatment to the individual, it is the presiding goal of Rejuve Medical to help clients young and old realise all of their aesthetic ambitions. Commenting further on this, Issy explains, “We appreciate that how someone feels about their looks can impact them personally. We want to help people achieve the anti-aging and aesthetic goals they want without them looking overfilled or obviously treated.” After all, the key to a good aesthetic treatment is that balance being struck between being noticeable but not obvious. Issy continues, “our clients say they get comments of how well and young they look for their age - but people don’t realise they are having treatments.” Instrumental in achieving this is the fact that Rejuve Medical pledges to only buy from recognised aesthetic pharmacies, with Issy going out of her way to avoid the abundance of fake online products that have flooded the market, in turn helping to ensure the safety of her clients. Beyond this, a great deal of time is taken with every client so that they are understood on a personal level, with this proving to be key in ensuring that Issy is acutely aware of the desired results and the best ways in which these can be achieved. Because Aesthetics clinic Rejuve Medical succeeds in truly rejuvenating its clients through a series of personal and bespoke care solutions that all deliver natural results and a high level of enhancement. Boasting a client portfolio that ranges from 20-year-olds to 80-year-olds, people travel far and wide for the services of the esteemed Dr. Issy Costeloe, a consummate professional who started out in this field of aesthetics as a result of a personal battle with adult acne. Offering her clients the opportunity to benefit with excellent aesthetic results, Issy instils them with a newfound sense of confidence. We speak with Dr. Issy Costeloe to find out more. GHP Excellence Award for Dermal Fillers 2024 - London O Mar24148