Private Healthcare Awards 2024

18 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 ounded with a noble mission to reignite individuals’ admiration for their own bodies, Dr Leonardo Fasano’s clinic stands as a symbol of excellence in transformative aesthetic care. Under the visionary leadership of Dr Leonardo himself, he caters to a diverse clientele, embracing individuals of all genders in pursuit of subtle refinement or profound transformation in their appearance. As we speak to Dr Leonardo, we learn that he is a distinguished aesthetic doctor with dual master’s degrees in aesthetic medicine and burns, plastic, and reconstructive surgery which is emblematic to his significant expertise in the fusion of art and science inherent to body transformation. Mentored by esteemed Dr Alfredo Hoyos, the creator of high-definition liposuction and numerous advanced body contouring techniques in plastic surgery, Leonardo is renowned for his mastery in advanced body shaping methods, notably employing the cutting-edge VASER® Liposuction for both high-definition and mid-definition sculpturing. At the heart of Dr Leonardo’s practice lies a commitment to amalgamate artistry with scientific precision, delivering bespoke aesthetic solutions tailored to each patient’s unique body. Using his deep understanding of human anatomy and employing oneof-a-kind technologies like VASER® and Renuvion, Dr Leonardo endeavours to provide a comprehensive range of highly effective services, ranging from specific fat removal to collagen enhancement, and skin tightening and rejuvenation. Dr Leonardo’s ethos revolves around the conviction that beauty and perfection are subjectively defined by each individual. Thus, he avoided the imposition of universal beauty standards in favour of personalised aesthetic care, honouring the distinctiveness of each patient to boost their self-confidence and sense of identity. Additionally, by delivering unparalleled post-operative care and nurturing the ongoing transformational journey of each patient, his clinic fosters trust, satisfaction, and enduring relationships with his clients. In alignment with the global imperative of sustainability, Dr Leonardo supports the utilisation of eco-friendly materials and practices, advocating treatments with long-lasting benefits to minimise the necessity for frequent interventions. Feb24271 F Dr Leonardo Fasano is a well-known body sculpting expert operating in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. This medical genius has expertise in liposuction body contouring and many other cosmetic surgeries. Following his success within the Private Healthcare Awards 2024 we speak to this Founder and Medical Director to learn more about his work. Elevating safety and integrity to paramount importance, Dr Leonardo ensures that his work upholds the highest standards of safety and ethical practice through stringent protocols, ongoing professional development, and transparent patient communication policies. Committed to regulatory compliance and unwavering patient care, he proactively establishes robust internal protocols and collaborates with legal team and regulatory experts to navigate the complex landscape of private healthcare regulations, ensuring the clinic’s preparedness for future challenges. Beyond the realm of legal compliance, Dr Leonardo adopts a holistic philosophy to beauty and wellness, recognising the profound emotional and psychological benefits of aesthetic treatments in addition to their physical transformation. His practice embodies a complete aesthetic care by empowering patients to embrace their individuality and enhance their quality of life. In recognition of his excellence, Dr Leonardo Fasano has been bestowed with prestigious accolades, including the titles, Body Sculpting Specialist of the Year 2024 (England): Leonardo Fasano and GHP Patient Care Excellence Award. With an unwavering dedication to providing the most effective treatment and empowering individuals through the enhancement of their appearance and individuality, Dr Leonardo Fasano is ready to continue his remarkable aesthetic journey, promising a future filled with innovation and transformation. Company: Dr Leonardo Fasano Instagram account: @DrLeonardoFasano Web Address: Body Sculpting Specialist of the Year 2024 (England): Leonardo Fasano & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award Dr Leonardo Fasano