Private Healthcare Awards 2024

19 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 From her clinic at 10 Harley Street, Dr. Bibi employs a client-centric approach that takes into consideration the unique needs of every patient, enlightening them on the best procedure to afford them with the natural, lasting results that they are ultimately hoping for. Offering a comprehensive suite of services that includes lip enhancement and anti-wrinkle injections, every solution delivered by this remarkable doctor is done with an acute awareness of the best methods and products to use so as to give patients optimum health regarding their skin. Leveraging more than 15 years of experience in the field, Dr. Bibi goes to work every day to masterfully blend art and science to create unrivalled outcomes. Going back to the beginning of this journey, Dr. Bibi graduated from Imperial College London with bachelor’s degrees in the fields of both medicine and surgery, before going on to carry out plastic surgery classes at the world-renowned Harvard Medical School. Determined to expand her knowledge yet further, Dr. Bibi then secured a postgraduate diploma in dermatology, being awarded with a distinction for her efforts. More recently, she even picked up her second postgraduate diploma in the realm of aesthetic medicine, once more with a distinction, this time from Queen Mary University’s Blizzard Research Institute in her home city of London. With such credentials in tow, it is no surprise that when she is not working at her clinic, Dr. Bibi can be found at her local A&E department serving as a doctor for the NHS, imparting her wisdom to medical students and others in the industry, or even partnering with brands such as Teoxane to drive aesthetic initiatives that can change the lives of patients. As suggested by this award and proven by her robust background in the wider field of medicine, Dr. Bibi’s gentle approach to patient care truly sets her apart, and a delicate touch, personable nature, and calm demeanour combine to make her the perfect choice for aesthetics veterans and newcomers alike. One of the hardest things to achieve when it comes to cosmetic treatments is delivering results that look natural, ensuring that people recognise a difference, but not to the extent that it is obvious work has been done. Utilising her trademark science/ art hybrid approach and immense knowledge of the human face and body, Dr. Bibi treats each patient as an individual, moulding the treatments to the architecture of their specific face to yield the best and most natural results, even in cases that are highly complex and require a keen attention to detail and a steady hand. One treatment of this calibre is facial architecture. Otherwise known as a liquid facelift, the procedures delivered in this session Very few people in the cosmetics industry have the level of passion that Dr. Bibi Maryam Ghalaie embodies on a daily basis, with this acclaimed expert on all things related to medical aesthetics having been featured in numerous prestigious publications across the UK and even further afield. Setting trends in the field of modern aesthetics, Dr. Bibi operates from The Doctor Bibi Clinic on the renowned Harley Street, a road in London that a number of industry-defining private medicine and surgery specialists call home, and as a member of this elite group, Dr. Bibi performs treatments that are as innovative and longlasting as they are premium and safe. Best in Safety for Cosmetic Medicine 2024 - London garner excellent results without the need for surgery. It is carried out by injecting a number of dermal fillers in the face to improve general symmetry, as well as offering improved lift, projection, and contouring. Another area of speciality for The Doctor Bibi Clinic is eye contouring, which sees patients treated with Nova Oculus Eye Treatment to offer a total undereye transformation using filler, face rejuvenation, and a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and beneficial vitamins and minerals. Other services on offer are chemical peels, medicalgrade facials, skin boosters, and Profhilo-brand skin treatment. Regardless of the reasons for one’s visit to The Doctor Bibi Clinic in London, patients of all ages and skin types can expect naturallooking results delivered by a faultless, trained professional whose experience in the field of modern aesthetics is second to none. Empowering her clients through the quality of both her care and the products that she uses to ensure their safety and satisfaction, the exceptional Dr. Bibi Maryam Ghalaie is more than deserving of this award that champions her prowess as a frontrunner in the field of modern cosmetic medicine. Contact: Bibi Ghalaie Company: The Doctor Bibi Clinic Web Address: