Private Healthcare Awards 2024

20 GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 Founded by Dr Ayah, Harmony Medical Aesthetics is a Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetics Clinic that specialises in creating bespoke plans to achieve Facial Harmony. To accomplish true facial rejuvenation, the clinic has established a unique concept that combines several different treatments to address all aspects of the face. With its combination of function and aesthetics, the clinic aims to help patients embrace their unique individuality and achieve genuine, lasting results. For its transformative services, Harmony Medical Aesthetics has been named as a dual winner in this year’s Private Healthcare Awards. When Dr Ayah, an award-winning Aesthetician and Dental Surgeon, first entered the aesthetic industry, she noticed a knowledge gap in how Dermatologists and Aesthetic clinicians approached their craft. These professionals often worked within their niche and didn’t attempt to understand the wider context of health. As a woman and neurodivergent Muslim Pakistani founder, Dr Ayah is used to breaking the mould. Through Harmony Medical Aesthetics, she sought to combine all ASPECTS of health, including wellbeing, emotional, physical, and alternative medicine. With her many years of industry experience, Dr Ayah noticed that while many patients were using popular treatments, few were achieving the promised results. Dr Ayah realised that the key was beginning with the right diagnosis to find the best treatment for each patient. For example, many patients have approached the clinic after trying various treatments for acne only to discover that their breakouts were the result of inflammatory rosacea. Harmony Medical Aesthetics’ approach is evidence-based, and every treatment is complemented by the right skincare routine and supportive treatments like exosomes and Profhilo. These treatments ensure that patients receive consistently exceptional results. At Harmony Medical Aesthetics, the team is passionate about offering more than treatments with personalised plans to address clients’ specific aesthetic concerns. Core values of education, excellence, integrity, and passion guide every aspect of the clinic, ensuring it delivers spectacular results. Dr Ayah says, “Acne is never just skin deep. It’s a relentless battle against self-doubt and insecurity. I’ve spent years seeking a solution and trying every product and treatment out there. This is why Harmony Medical Aesthetics came to life, to empower you to take charge of your wellbeing and embrace the best version of yourself. I wholeheartedly believe in your inherent beauty, irrespective of your age or background. “Our mission isn’t to create replicas of the same person; instead, it’s to help you recognise your unique worth and restore your confidence. The amazing team is here to offer you the latest in cutting-edge technology and innovative treatments, letting you achieve the dreams of clear skin you’ve held close to your heart. No trends, no fads, it’s the power of science, research, and our ceaseless passion for education.” At Harmony Medical Aesthetics, the clinic prioritises patients’ longterm health and wellbeing, guiding them towards the best solution for their skin. Backed by science and extensive research, the clinic is committed to helping patients make informed decisions and fully understand every treatment option. Harmony Medical Aesthetics is passionate about pioneering treatments that fuel transformation and change lives for the better. Its pursuit of excellence ensures that every service leverages the latest technology to help patients achieve complete facial rejuvenation. Yusreen C-B, one delighted patient, shares, “I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and deep gratitude for the exceptional work of Dr Ayah, Jigna, and Amina. Their professionalism, dedication, and diligence have been truly outstanding. Dr Ayah’s and Jigna’s medical expertise combined with their passion, vocation, and conscientious nature, is truly praiseworthy. Although there are many professionals in the aesthetics industry, I feel fortunate to have consciously placed my trust in Dr Ayah and Jigna’s abilities.” Dr Ayah and her team are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, taking the time to evaluate their own results and try new approaches. Moving forward, they will focus on training other clinicians to expand their treatment knowledge and help them treat patients of colour. Harmony Medical Aesthetics understands that a foundation in science and medicine is essential to achieving optimal results and empowering patients to make informed decisions about their care. Harmony Medical Aesthetics is dedicated to helping patients foster confidence in themselves and embrace their individuality. Driven by a relentless pursuit for lasting results, the clinic’s Facial Harmony approach is unique in its combination of different treatments to address all aspects of the face. Recognised in this year’s Private Healthcare Awards, Harmony Medical Aesthetics is an industry pioneer dedicated to embracing innovation to develop its transformative treatments. We cannot wait to see how Harmony Medical Aesthetics will continue to revolutionise the aesthetics industry and help more patients fulfil their dream of beautiful skin. Contact: Komal Ayah Siddiqi Company: Harmony Medical Aesthetics Web Address: Most Innovative Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic 2024 – England & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award Harmony Medical Aesthetics