Private Healthcare Awards 2024

6 Feb24555 KARNAK Medical S.r.l. operating under KARNAK HEALTH, is an innovative company, developing groundbreaking biotechnology capable of regenerating our cells. This is achieved through devices, using electromagnetic signals and light pulses native to our bodies. Following the company’s recent success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2024, we had the opportunity to speak with the Founder and CEO, Elio Muti, who provided further insights into this pioneering project. “The purpose of KARNAK devices is to restore the potential and functionality of our cells to full expression, activate cellular self-repair and regeneration with direct action at the source of the cellular electromagnetic imbalance, to recover and maintain a state of well-being.” – Elio Muti ARNAK project was founded in Milan in 1990 with an initial phase of scientific research into the biophysical potentials of living beings and evolved in the year 2000 when Elio Muti recognised the significance of biophysical reactions occurring within the human body, particularly the electromagnetic signals produced by the brain and utilised by cells as a means of communication. This realisation led Elio and his team to embark on a project aimed at revolutionising the health and wellness sector. Over the course of more than three decades, KARNAK HEALTH has focused on scientific research and developments, resulting in the registration of fifteen industrial invention patents in the field of biophysics applied to living beings. These innovations have facilitated collaborations with scientists, researchers, and esteemed figures from universities. With the KARNAK project, the commercial field of using biofrequencies applied to brain areas was initiated. Hence, in 2017 all this know-how and expertise employed in the field of wellness this dedication culminated in the establishment of KARNAK Medical S.r.l. bringing the KARNAK project to a new dimension: KARNAK HEALTH. By 2018, a significant milestone was achieved with the attainment of medical certification, marking scientific recognition of the KARNAK Medical project, which is also found in recent scientific discoveries Most Innovative Natural Wellness Devices Developer 2024 – Italy K