Private Healthcare Awards 2024

8 Owned by Jacqueline Thomasson, Lumineux Aesthetics is a beautiful aesthetic clinic popular for a number of luxury skincare treatments which enhance the looks as well as the confidence of her clients. Specialising in anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, skin boosters, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), mesotherapy and many more treatments, Lumineux Aesthetics is exactly what you need for all anti-aging and skin care treatments. Celebrating its success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2024 we contacted Jacqueline to learn more about her company’s aims and objectives. “Advanced anatomy and physiology and continuing professional development in aesthetic medicine is key as a practitioner. Promoting clients’ health and well-being is a fundamental aspect of facial aesthetics. Adopting a holistic approach to understand the motivation for treatment is the first step to understanding what the client is trying to achieve and to manage expectations” – Jacqueline Thomasson Based in the heart of Southampton, Lumineux Aesthetics has an outstanding reputation for using only the highest-quality licensed products sourced from reputable pharmacies, which are backed by scientific evidence and have excellent safety profiles. Jacqueline, with her core values centred around safety of clients, always aims for exceptional services using the best products in her clinic. Jacqueline has been trained extensively in all aspects of facial aesthetics. She has completed advanced levels in facial skincare at the post graduate level 7 diploma in injectable therapies, in London, Harley Street. Alongside, she is also a registered nurse practitioner in general nursing and mental health, with a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years. She is also an Independent Nurse Prescriber Jacqueline truly supports a regulated aesthetic industry with licensed premises and practitioners. She believes that all professional skincare solution providers must be fully trained by a reliable mentor. To this end, she is confident that this will make it easier for people to choose the appropriate clinic for their treatments. Jacqueline strives to make her clients feel happy and confident about themselves by enhancing their natural features and bringing out the best version of themselves with the best quality treatments. With her philosophy that beauty isn’t just superficial but rather fundamental, she wants to help people get glowing, timeless skin. She says, “It is not about vanity, but about feeling good about yourself. If it feels good, then do it. We cannot control ageing, we will all grow old, but we can control how we age. If we can delay the process in a positive way, then why not?” Lumineux Aesthetics’ central values are rooted in a commitment to quality, science and innovation, sustainability, customer satisfaction, and education and have been consistent since its establishment. It is an accredited clinic of SAVE FACE, which is the only government approved register. By adhering to these principles, the brand has built a loyal customer base that trusts it to offer effective and ethical skincare solutions – and its mission to continuous improvement and staying aligned with emerging industry trends ensures that it will remain a leading player in the skincare industry. For Jacqueline, clear communication about any treatment plays a significant role in building a trusted relationship with her customers. She emphasises, “The most crucial factor is being open and transparent through thorough consultation and exploring clients’ expectations as individuals. I always explain the importance of aftercare and make sure the clients have a written copy and a good understanding before they leave the clinic.” “At Lumineux Aesthetics, I believe that all clients deserve to be the best version of themselves and look natural and refreshed after every treatment. Non-surgical treatments are advancing and aimed at improving skin health, reducing signs of ageing, and enhancing our physical attributes” Having a background of mental health nursing and teaching, Jacqueline has the ability to instantly connect with her patients across all ages. Her combined skills including Facial Aesthetics Clinic of the Year 2024 – Hampshire