Private Healthcare Awards 2024

GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2024 practical aesthetics and mental health for more than a decade have enhanced her understanding of the psychology of people who come to her for skincare treatments. She uses all her knowledge to understand her clients’ social, physiological, and psychological health, and how their skin condition has affected the self-confidence and well-being of each individual. She identifies their desires and needs and delivers the best-described treatments for each of them. Communication is key to Jacqueline, so she has translated all the information regarding the treatments, policies, procedures, and post treatment care into other languages for her non-English speaking clients. As she has a huge group of Chinese customers, she has translated aftercare leaflets and all other information about her clinic in Mandarin so that her clients understand everything accurately and can select the treatment they truly need. Jacqueline’s mission is simply to bring a smile to her clients’ faces as they embark on a journey of transformation and personal growth, regardless of age. She travels to different renowned academies, including Dr Tim Pearce’s, where, under his team, she has completed many advanced training certificates. As a leading aesthetic clinician and trainer with a global reputation for commitment to safe practice, Dr Tim has always been a role model to Jacqueline, who has inspired her to implement the best products and services for her clients. Her dedication and excellence are appreciated by many of her customers, with some glowing reviews such as: “Jacqueline was very patient in explaining the precautions to be taken after the injection and was very gentle during the injection process, so I hardly felt any pain. When I was nervous, she helped me to relax. There was also a special Chinese post-operative care note, which was super sweet,” and “Jacqueline is very qualified, experience and professional. I am delighted with my treatment. I would not go anywhere else and recommend Lumineux Aesthetics to my friends who also have loved the results.” Recently, for Jacqueline’s passion and determination to offering safe and effective treatments and skincare products that work perfectly in accordance with clients’ features, Lumineux Aesthetics has gained notable recognition as Facial Aesthetics Clinic of the Year 2024 – Hampshire. Understandably delighted by this prestigious accolade, Jacqueline was more than happy to share some plans for the future with us, which revolve around staying up to date with innovations and being part of international conferences to stay ahead in the industry and continue providing exceptionally outstanding treatments to make people look and feel youthful and confident. Contact: Jacqueline Thomasson Company: Lumineux Aesthetics Web Address: