Private Healthcare Awards 2017

ghp Private Healthcare Awards 2017 | 13 Contact: Helen Spoudeas Email NHS: [email protected] Tel: 0207 405 9200 ext 8519 Email private: [email protected] Tel: 07704373401 Address: Great Ormond Street, London, WC1N 3JH, UK Best Paediatric Hospital 2017 – UK & Paediatric Endocrinologist of the Year - London Appointed to a newly created part time consultant post in January 1999, Dr Spoudeas had 8 years of general and 15 years of paediatric endocrine experience before accreditation in both paediatrics and paediatric endocrinology in 1996. She discusses her caseload and how she supports patients with acquired neuroendocrine injury after brain tumours through her research and charity. “The NHS split site axis where I have been a consultant since 1999, is a recognised tertiary/ quaternary endocrine centre seeing patients from the South of England, wider parts of the UK and abroad. As well as my full-time NHS commitments at Great Ormond Street (GOS) and University College Hospitals London (UCLH), I also have a private practice. There I see children and adolescents to age of 21 years, with endocrine conditions at GOS and Private Patients Department weekly on Monday evenings, and at the London Medical, Endocrinology and Diabetes Centre, 49 Marylebone High Street on monthly Friday mornings. I have also been a founder member and subspecialist of the Harley Street Paediatric Group LLP since 2004. “I see children with all endocrine conditions which, affect growth, puberty and development, but my particular area of expertise and research interest, since publication of my doctoral thesis in 1995, is in the hormonal harm which affects children treated for brain tumours and other cancers. I am the only endocrinologist contributing to international paediatric brain tumour trials and chair 2 national Dr Helen Spoudeas is a full-time, accredited paediatric consultant and paediatric endocrine subspecialist and one of a team of six paediatric endocrinologists, working at both Great Ormond Street and University College London Hospitals. We spoke to her to find out more about the fascinating work she undertakes. endeavours to improve care for children with central midline and wider endocrine tumours through video discussion and new NIHCE guidelines standards. I regularly audit my practice, presenting this data internationally. This year I launched a charity, ‘SUCCESS’, to support and link the community of young brain tumour survivors reaching adulthood, achieve a brighter and more independent future.” As a recognised international speaker in her specialist field, published author and accredited educational supervisor of postgraduate paediatric trainees, Dr Spoudeas is dedicated to giving the wider healthcare industry the chance to benefit from her wealth of experience and knowledge, as she looks towards a bright and exciting future. Company: Executive Health Resources Inc Contact: Robert Tano Contact Email: [email protected] Executive Health Resources works to defend a wide scale of medical necessity issues. Robert, whose role in Medicare and commercial cases is expanding, worked primarily in establishing and expanding the Medicaid department of the firm’s appeals division. He discusses the work these departments undertake and how they work to support patients at all times. “Here at Executive Health Resources, our work includes assisting clients in determining medical necessity and responding to denials in inpatient medical necessity. During my management of the team we expanded our advocacy of patients and hospitals to states all across the United States. Our specific task is to advocate for our clients by written responses, peer to peer discussions and large and small scale Administrative Law Judge hearings. “Overall, our firm’s mission is to increase efficiency and reduce waste by increasing collaboration in persons across the health care business. With ever tightening Executive Health Resources now a subsidiary of Optum, which is part of United Health Group, advocates for hospital clients explaining and defending the medical necessity of patient care. We spoke to Robert Tano to find out more. health care dollars, it is easy to resort to adversarial positions in order to be successful. I am privileged to be part of an organization that not only understands that economies of scale come from working together, but actively works towards improving healthcare for all persons by making that philosophy a reality.” Looking ahead, the Optum/ Executive Health Resources is dedicated to growing even further and building upon its current success, as Robert proudly concludes. “Ultimately, Optum/Executive Health Resources is currently the leader in our field and it is our intention to continue to grow through continuing to gain insight through data analysis, providing exemplary client service.” Best for Medical Necessity Compliance Management – USA PHA17028 PHA17031 Executive Health Resources