Private Healthcare Awards 2017

ghp Private Healthcare Awards 2017 | 15 Dental Practice of the Year - North England At Town Hall Dental, patients receive the highest quality dental treatment and patient care, within the elegant surroundings of the tastefully restored 19th century building in which the firm operates. Rachel is eager to emphasise the firm’s focus on patient care and how it works to ensure that they receive the very highest standards of service and support at all times. “Here at Town Hall Dental, the wellbeing of our patients is our number one priority, thanks to our team of award winning staff and patient care coordinators. Our success can be attributed to the emphasis we put on our patients, and our unique method of working with them – the patient journey. The Patient Journey has ensured that all of our patients receive the highest quality care and the number of referrals we receive from past visitors is testament to its’ effectiveness. We heavily invest in our staff and it shows in the manner with which they treat those who come through our doors, giving Town Hall Dental the friendly, family atmosphere that has contributed to its success. “This patient focus helps us to achieve our mission: to be the premier cosmetic dental practice in the United Kingdom, and provide the highest standard of patient care. As such, our team of dentists receives the highest quality of training, travelling across the globe to learn more about their craft, as well as being provided with the most cutting edge equipment for their numerous unique treatments. Our patient care team is a leading figure in the dental industry, and their work with patients is being replicated as a model across the UK, with numerous training courses being held by our TCOs in practices across the country.” Ultimately, due to the dynamic nature of the private healthcare market, an advantage for Town Hall Dental is that the industry itself is constantly evolving and improving. The dental industry in particular is consistently introducing revolutionary new treatments and technologies to the market that could be life changing for our patients. Some of the treatments provided in the practice today would be revolutionary a decade ago, and it is likely that a decade from now the situation will be the same. Therefore, working within private healthcare allows the practice to constantly invest in these new advancements and be on the cutting edge of dentistry providing the best for its patients, and moving forward this will remain its ongoing focus, as Rachel concludes. “Looking ahead, as our practice grows and word of our treatments and care spread further afield, we hope to continue provide our existing service to a larger market. Our goal in the future is for Town Hall Dental to be recognised as the premier practice in the UK, both for our treatments and our service. “Recently we began, and will shortly complete, an expansion of the building to create a new Centre, The Room at Town Hall, to be used by the local community as an executive meeting space. We intend to use this space as a training centre for our patient care policies and the patient journey, and hope the entire dental industry can benefit from the work and investment we have put into providing the highest quality care.” Town Hall Dental is an award winning cosmetic dental practice, based in the Old Town Hall in the town of Brighouse, West Yorkshire. We invited Rachel Dilley to share the secrets behind the firm’s success. PHA17012 Company: Town Hall Dental Contact: Rachel Dilley Contact Email: [email protected] Address: The Old Town Hall Thornton, Square, Brighouse, HD6 1EA, UK Phone: 01484723788 Website: