Private Healthcare Awards 2017

ghp Private Healthcare Awards 2017 | 17 Best Global Pharmaceutical Powder Handling Systems Provider Drawing on a vast history of success, Dec Group offers turnkey and custom designed solutions that have been successfully integrated into complex operations in a large number of companies worldwide, both multinationals and specialists. As experts, the firm are innovators with an unparalleled depth of knowledge in their field. Their products are of the highest quality, at times challenging convention, and always providing unique, effective solutions for forward thinking organizations. The foundation stone for this success story was laid 30 years ago in Switzerland when Mr. Frederic Dietrich Senior and his two sons founded the company “Dietrich Engineering Consultants SA” near Lausanne, well known today under the brand name Dec Group. Since its inception, the company has been working on technical topics in plant engineering. Particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, Dec has largely contributed to overcome the many challenges these powder-based industries faced in terms of not only explosion control and safe working conditions but also related to productivity, reliability and hygiene. One of these challenges was to fill powdered substances in a reactor, automated, free of contamination and dust with as less as oxygen as possible. This led to the world’s first powder conveying system, the patented PTS Powder Transfer System®. At a time when reactors were mainly charged manually through a manhole, the PTS was a revolutionary step forward. From the idea and the first system sold in 1992 to stable supplies in 1995 Dec Group established as an acknowledged leader in the field of reactor feeding, setting new technological standards. While competitors have attempted to imitate the system, PTS remains unmatched for efficiency, safety and quality, further strengthened by continuous investment in developing complementary technologies. Over the years, new products have been developed and customer solutions optimized and refined. The product portfolio has reached full line provider level with ingenious solutions for powder conveying, loading / unloading of process equipment, dosing, blending, micronizing, sampling and isolator technology when handling high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) and sterile powders. “At Dec, we strive to deliver outstanding quality systems to the manufacturing industry helping customers to comply with an ever increasing number of new and revised regulations. Whether we design systems for new process plants or optimizing existing production processes, Dec always provides tailored solutions for non-toxic to high containment requirements”, says Gabriela Mikhaiel, spokesperson at Dec. Today, Dec employs more than 250 people and the company is represented in over 40 countries by subsidiaries and an agency network oriented to providing local customer support and service. Although many new products have been added through the years, the Dec Group continues as an innovative, global solution provider, still focusing on the quality and technical versatility that has driven 30 years of success. Dec Group is a leading global provider of powder handling and containment systems to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. We explore the secrets behind the firm’s market leading success. SO170019 Company: Dec Group Contact: Gabriela Mikhaiel Email: [email protected] Phone: +41 21 694 20 40 Website: