Private Healthcare Awards 2017

Is your Specialist Seating Fit for Pur pose? CareFlex is the only specialist seating manufacturer supported by independent clinical evidence over many years. At CareFlex we have confidence and pride in our specialist seating and the positive changes we know it can have on people’s lives. You can rely on us for holistic, expert and impartial advice. One of our experienced assessors is always willing to come with the HCP team to offer guidance and give you a free, no obligation quotation. Do you need Tilt in Space with Pressure Relief as Standard ? The HydroTilt Family of chairs is backed by independent, ethical Clinical Trials, giving confidence to families, HCP’s and Clinicians. The unique CareFlex design has been used in hospitals and the community for over two decades delivering pressure relief and comfort to patients. Much admired and envied by other manufacturers but still the best seating system to fight pressure damage before it happens. Built to last - a well thought out, effective design which is simple to use and adjust. ® HydroTilt Arrange a free, no-obligation assessment or product demonstration If you have any specific queries, contact our Clinical Specialist, Becca Dunstall [email protected] 0800 018 6440