Private Healthcare Awards 2017

4 | ghp Private Healthcare Awards 2017 Best Neurological Care Centre - UK Established in 1985, Queen Square Private Healthcare work in partnership with the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square to provide a comprehensive, one-stop service for private and international patients seeking the highest standards of care and clinical expertise in neurological medicine. For almost 200 years, Queen Square has been regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for neurological diagnostics, treatment and research. Queen Square Private Healthcare operate a suite of purpose designed private consulting rooms, dedicated medical imaging facilities and manage the Nuffield Ward Inpatient Unit within the National Hospital itself, to provide private patients from across the world with access to the world-renowned consultants and advanced clinical specialties contained within this highly regarded location. Peter discusses the firm’s services in more detail and outlines how it supports consultants and patients alike to ensure that everyone who comes for treatment at Queen Square Private Healthcare receives the very highest standard support available. “Queen Square Private Healthcare operate dedicated private patient facilities within Queen Square and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in order to provide a fully coordinated and comprehensive care package for private patients seeking specialist neurological care. Thanks to this partnership we are able to coordinate seamless care in Queen Square for patients referred to us, right from initial contact through to diagnosis and treatment. “At the heart of our service are the consultants and specialists of Queen Square. We currently host around 90 specialists at the Queen Square Private Consulting Rooms, representing all fields of neuroscience and all of whom are experts within their chosen fields. All of our consultants regard Queen Square as their home, not only because this is the base for their NHS practices, but also because many of them are also involved in cutting edge clinical research at the nearby UCL Institute of Neurology in Queen Square. This means that our consultants can bring a unique level of expertise to their private practice in Queen Square, and can make full use of the unique professional relationships which simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. “In order to ensure the very highest standards of care for our patients, we are also committed to supporting our consultants and their patients through the provision of high quality dedicated diagnostic and treatment facilities, such as the Queen Square Imaging Centre. Our cutting- edge MRI scanning facility in Queen Square has provided a neuro-optimised imaging service for over 30 years, and has led the way in private diagnostic imaging, offering advanced imaging techniques such functional MRI techniques, which in some cases, cannot be accessed anywhere else in the private market. The unit is operated by a team of specialist neuro- radiographers and Neuroradiology Consultants and scans more than 3000 patients a year, whilst maintaining the highest standards of care. The facility produces detailed radiology reports within 4 hours of the scan taking place in all but the most complex of cases, and provides an excellent, reliable service to our clinicians, who rely on fast and accurate diagnostic support to be able to provide the best level of care to their patient.” Collaboration is key to Queen Street Private Healthcare’s success so far, and its greatest asset is our unique and intimate partnership with Queen Square and the National Hospital, itself an internationally recognised centre of excellence for neurological illness. Furthermore, Queen Square Private Healthcare Queen Square Private Healthcare is an independent, not for profit provider of specialist neurological healthcare in Central London. We invited Peter Sutton to tell us more and share the secrets behind the success of this innovative healthcare model. PHA17011