Private Healthcare Awards 2017

Company: Queen Square Private Healthcare Contact: Peter Sutton Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 8-11 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AR, UK Tel: 02070149515 Web Address: Twitter: @QSPrivateHealth is part of a unique organisation which uses an innovative business model to bring the financial benefits of private practice back to the NHS. Queen Square Private Healthcare is the largest division of QS Enterprises Ltd, a subsidiary of the University College London Hospital Charity which supports hospitals within the UCLH Foundation Trust. It was the UK’s first health sector social enterprise of its kind and employs a unique model whereby all profits are distributed back to the UCLH Charity as gift aid. Since 1985, in excess of £25million has been donated back to the Charity for the benefit of NHS services, funds which have been used for numerous key projects, including the building of the UK’s first Neuromuscular Complex Care Unit. Overall, it is an exciting time for Queen Square Private Healthcare and the company as a whole as it seeks to build upon its current success and offer an even wider range of services, as Peter is eager to highlight. “Over the coming months we have a number of exciting developments on the horizon. Among these will be a new MRI scanning facility, the Chenies Mews Imaging Centre, which will be the new location for our specialist cardiac MRI scanning service (previously located at the Heart Hospital on Westmoreland Street). This new facility will host the very latest MRI technology and allow us to not only develop our world renowned cardiac MRI service, but also expand and develop our neuro-MRI service for our Queen Square patients. Part of this new facility’s service offering will also be a brand-new scanning service for patients with implantable cardiac services such as pacemakers. These devices have historically been a contraindication to safe MRI, resulting in many patients not being able to access the most appropriate form of imaging for their condition. A unique collaboration between our radiology and cardiology colleagues will allow us to introduce a regular service for these patients from both private and NHS referrers, providing MRI scans of the whole body in a safe and controlled environment. “In the coming year, we will also be welcoming the opening of a new dedicated private operating theatre at the National Hospital which will considerably increase our surgical capacity. With this, we will be able to offer patients who require private surgical treatments improved appointment flexibility.” Alongside these developments, the firm will be seeking to adapt to changes within the private healthcare market to ensure that it is constantly offering patients options that meet their needs. Currently, within the wider private healthcare market there is an increasing move towards private providers collaborating with each other to improve care offerings and present true value for money. Queen Square Private Healthcare are already practised at collaboration and will continue to develop relationships with its research and NHS partners in the future, whilst also investigating avenues for collaboration with other private providers who offer clinical services which may be complementary, in order to provide the support and services its patients need, as Peter concludes. “Private practice within the NHS is becoming more common and, as such we have been talking with the UCLH Trust about the contribution that Queen Square Private Healthcare can have to this trend over the coming years. As Graham Faulkner, Chairman of QS Enterprises says “We have a proven track record of dealing effectively with private patients and creating a successful business, which we think could be helpful to hospitals on a wider scale. We represent the acceptable face of privatisation because we work in partnership with the NHS in order to bring the full financial benefit of private practice to the NHS, without taking any resources away from it” Therefore, in order to capitalise on this, we will continue to investigate new avenues to broaden the variety and complexity of services we can provide for our patients.”