Private Healthcare Awards 2017

ghp Private Healthcare Awards 2017 | 7 Best Specialist Seating Manufacturer 2017 & Assisted Living Chair of the Year: Hydro Tilt - UK Established in 1995, CareFlex was one of the first, pioneering specialist seating manufacturers and its flagship product, HydroTilt, has been implemented in hospitals and throughout the community for over two decades. Susie discusses this creative product in more detail and explores how it ensures the safety and comfort of everyone who uses it. “Over the years, CareFlex has provided specialist seating for thousands of people. We understand the challenges in balancing comfort, pressure relief, posture control and independence. That is why we are committed to offering the best possible posture and pressure management seating solutions. “Our core offering, HydroTilt, is available with a comprehensive range of accessories and is suitable for multi-user environments as covers can be readily replaced and chairs can be re- configured to suit varied seating needs. It has been much envied and much copied and there are some cheaper alternatives out there in the market, but CareFlex chairs are built to last; our guarantees are worth having. In fact, we can honestly say that the number of problems with the HydroTilt over the years has been minimal. It is a well-thought-out, effective design which is simple to use and virtually problem free.” What truly makes this product unique is that it has WaterCell Technology built in as standard, enabling users to achieve a stable and functional posture with continuous pressure relief and comfort. Testimony to the effectiveness of the product, the HydroTilt was included in an independent clinical trial by the University of Salford in 2015/16. The researchers found the chairs were reported to be comfortable, they aid occupation and the WaterCell Technology in its cushions is effective and comparable with air. This is valuable, honest research from two senior, highly ethical clinicians. Overall, the increased lifespan of the UK’s population and the rise in dementia related conditions has led to an increased demand for products such as those supplied by CareFlex. To meet this demand, in 2015 the firm added the BBH Awards Highly Commended SmartSeatPro to its range. Moving forward, this CareFlex’s focus remains on offering even more solutions to support its clients, as Susie concludes. “Looking ahead, here at CareFlex we will be launching new products in the very near future in order to meet the demands of this ever expanding industry.” CareFlex Ltd is an innovative specialist seating company supplying a range of adjustable chairs and chair accessories. We invited Susie Hall to tell us more. PHA17009 Company: CareFlex Ltd. Contact: Susie Hall Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Templer House, King Charles Business Park, Old Newton Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6UT, UK Phone: + 44 1626831846 Website: CareFlex is the only specialist independent clinical evidence At CareFlex we have confiden a d the positive changes we k You can rely on us for holistic, of our exp rienced assessors HCP team to offer guidance a quotation. Space with tandard ? ked by independent, ethical milies, HCP’s and Clinicians. n used in hospitals and the livering pressure relief and anufacturers but still the e damage before it happens. ective design which is simple sessment or pr duct demonstration contact our Clinical Specialist, Be ca Dunstall