Private Healthcare Awards 2017

8 | ghp Private Healthcare Awards 2017 Company: Kaushik Sanyal Contact: Kaushik Sanyal Contact Email: rheumatologyknowhow@gmail. com Address: BMI Goring Hall, Bodium Avenue, Worthing, BN12 5AT, UK Phone: 7730403652 Best Inflammatory Arthritis Specialist - South England Kaushik Sanyal As a qualified Consultant Rheumatologist and Physician (with dual specialist accreditation), Dr Kaushik’s work deals with seeing acute and chronic complex rheumatology patients. The cases can vary from inflammatory arthritis to its numerous variants including back pain. The complex presentation also includes crystal arthropathy, connective tissue disease, soft tissue injury and atypical sports injury. He discusses his work and how he ensures that every patient he sees receives the very highest standard of service. “Personally, my focus over recent years has been to provide a bespoke healthcare service to patients with complex presentation. I spend time on taking a detailed history and studying clinical presentation and plan the appropriate medical treatment. My patients have the option to liaise with me directly via email or telephone during the therapeutic process. The whole intention of this is to provide fool proof patient-oriented healthcare and satisfaction. Development in rheumatology comes from new state-of-the-art diagnostic tests and cutting edge drugs.” Within the wider private healthcare space, as a focus on safer healthcare is emerging, Dr Kaushik takes a particular interest in medical decision making, and this is driving his future plans for his practice, as he discusses in his concluding comments. “Currently I am in the process of innovating a one-stop early arthritis clinic within reach of Dr Kaushik Sanyal is a Consultant Rheumatologist and Physician based in Worthing. We invited him to tell us more about his work and the secrets behind his success. imaging facilities. This is to start the treatment the same day of attendance and to see in future the extent of clinical improvement. I have also provided an on-line rheumatology query service at a national and international level. All advice given is in accordance with UK General Medical Council guidelines and will ensure that my patients always receive the very highest standard of support and advice for many years to come.” Company: Muthu Ganapathi Contact: Mr. Muthu Ganapathi Contact Email: enquiries@ Address: Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham Technology Park, Croesnewydd Road, Wrexham, Clwyd, LL13 7YP, UK Phone: 01978 268035 Website: www. During his higher specialist training in Wales and subsequent fellowships in Cardiff and Canada, Mr. Ganapathi has gained experience in various aspects of hip and knee related problems including primary and revision hip replacement, hip resurfacing, primary and revision knee replacement, partial knee replacement, as well as hip arthroscopy and knee arthroscopy. Drawing on his vast experience in hip and knee surgery, Mr.Ganapathi offers treatment almost exclusively for adult hip and knee problems in both the NHS and the private sector. He offers private surgery at Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham. Intent on innovating the sector and ensures that he is always at the forefront of the latest and most exciting developments, Mr. Ganapathi is also trained in computer guided joint replacements. Computer guidance allows the surgeon to be very precise during joint replacements and decreases the chance of outliers (beyond the tolerance of the joint replacements) and this hopefully would result in optimal outcome. In addition, he also has been one of the early adopters of using MRI based patient specific 3-D moulds for performing knee replacements to improve efficiency and outcome. He has one of the largest personal series of knee replacements performed by this technique in Muthu Ganapathi is a specialist hip and knee surgeon based in North Wales. We profile him to learn more about the services he offers and how he draws on his vast experience in this vital field to ensure the best possible outcome for each and every one of his patients. the UK. He has been an invited speaker in a number of national and international meetings and also hosts visiting surgeons who come to see this technique. Mr. Ganapathi also specializes in key hole surgery of the hip and is one of the few surgeons in UK offering this still relatively new procedure. Overall, Mr. Ganapathi is a leading innovator in this crucial branch of surgery, and moving forward he will continue to seek out the latest developments and provide the very cutting edge solutions and procedures to his patients. Best Hip & Knee Surgeon - North Wales PHA17019 PHA17017 Muthu Ganapathi