Q1 2020

GHP / Q1 2020 11 About Manus Neurodynamica Manus develops and markets innovative products and technologies for neuromotor assessment. It recently signed a five-year manufacturing and supply agreement with STABILO for the NeuroMotor Pen, bringing their experience of designing and developing writing instruments into the field of regulated medical devices. All manufacturing and supply takes place according to relevant regulatory and quality management guidelines. The NeuroMotor Pen is CE marked in Europe and Manus has initiated discussion with the FDA; the first approval in the USA is expected this year. Manus’ proprietary analytical algorithms do not reside on the tablet computer. An innovative secure Cloud infrastructure with encrypted data transport and storage has been developed together with a workflow for software updates, licensing and remote device management that complies with all applicable standards. Manus has been accepted into the Microsoft™ partner programme. Early NMP adopters include key clinical opinion leaders, who have been using the NMP product for the last five years in academic and clinical research in Parkinson’s and other fields, such as psychiatry and cognitive testing. This has already identified additional clinical applications. For example, a recent proof of concept study demonstrated the utility of NMP in quantifying extrapyramidal side effects of anti-psychotic medication. A distribution agreement with Cambridge Cognition, market leader in cognitive assessment methods, gives Manus access to the research and pharmaceutical development markets. There is also NHS traction for triage use with financial backing for the development of a triage (primary care) product. Best Medical Technology Manufacturer – UK & Healthcare Management Innovators of the Year - UK

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