Q1 2020

14 GHP / Q1 2020 , Best CBD Lab Testing As the topic of medical marijuana comes under closer scrutiny, other products derived from the cannabis plant have already gained favour politically and amongst the public. Rising interest in CBD items has been reflected by the volume of people who are selling products that are untested. This dangerous trend is counteredbyUKCBDOils.We tooka closer lookat just howthey’vemanaged to achieve such safe success. Nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire, UK CBD Oils sets the standard for safety in the industry. Despite only being founded three years ago, the business has quickly established itself not only as one to watch in terms of business success, but in ensuring that the customers’ wellbeing is always guaranteed. UK CBD Oils started life with the clear intention of breaking through the noise and chatter of the cannabis- related space with a quality product simply delivered. Confident in the idea that these exceptional products would improve and maintain health, the opportunity to advertise their relative safety in an unregulated industry was not one to be missed. While some take advantage of the system to label products as they wish, sometimes inaccurately, the team at UK CBD Oils commissions third-party lab tests in order to set themselves apart. These reports are part of the transparent approach that UK CBD Oils champions. Deliberately designed to be as straightforward for the average consumer to understand as possible, a report on the UK CBD site can be found next to every product. It includes a list of the compounds that are present in each product. Of course, customers will be able to find CBD as standard, but other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBN, CNC, CBG and THCA will also be on the list. Of course, THC – the compound that causes the high – will be present, but nothing over 0.2% meaning that the impact will be negligible. UK CBD Oils sells a variety of products, from oils to edibles, capsules to cosmetics, and the secret to producing such high-quality items really comes with the Dec19401 cultivation of hemp. From the very start of the CBD process, the best care is taken by farmers to ensures that the product is able to comply with organic standards. This means that there can be no pesticides, artificial fertilisers or other chemicals used. These farmers are spread across Europe, growing the hemp under license and in a way that is fully compliant with the law. When harvested, the plants bound for UK CBD Oils are extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction. This involves the heating of CO2 under pressure until it becomes a supercritical fluid with properties that lie between a gas and a liquid. While a curious process, it was chosen in preference to toxic solvent solutions such as alcohol or butane. This technology is expensive, complex and requires incredible skill to use to the best effect, but it is also able to offer a raw extract. It’s important that the temperature is kept low throughout the process. This allows for a large part of the CBD to be extracted in acidic form, known as CBDa. A substantial amount is preserved as other important components, such as terpenes which have impressive therapeutic properties in and of themselves and are essential to the quality of the end-product. The final extract is called raw oil and has a variety of uses, able to be used as it is, diluted with a carrier oil such as hempseed oil or processed into a cream or e-liquid. For some, the provision of high- quality products is a reward in and of itself, but for UK CBD Oils, the need is for its customers to feel safe whenever they use one of their products. Setting the standard for future industries, the commitment to transparency is admirable and one of the aspects that sets this business up as one of the best in the business. Contact Details Company: UK CBD Oils Contact: Christopher Bray Website: www.uk-cbdoils.com