Q1 2020

GHP / Q1 2020 17 , quality medical device, complying with the regulations that will come into force as of 2020, which require higher-quality manufacturing processes. In addition, Capenergy complies with ISO 13485, a mandatory standard for medical device manufacturers, thus offering the maximum guarantees of product excellence”. “Capenergy Medical is one year ahead of the obligation to comply with this standard so that its clients can fully trust its products and guarantees.” Going forward, the team at Capenergy Medical will continue to deliver the exceptional services which has seen them establish a reputation as being one of the best tecar therapy equipment companies in the industry today. Contact Details Contact: Pilar Sánchez Jaime Company: Capenergy Medical SL Web Address: www.capenergy.com Exceeding Expectations Located in Barcelona, CapenergyMedical develops andmanufactures tecar therapymedical devices. The wide variety of approved clinical indications gives Capenergy technology the greatest prestige, and the greatest capacity for therapeutic services associated with a tecar therapy devices currently on the market. Pilar Sanchez Jaime speaks to us about the firm. Capenergy Medical’s tecar therapy (Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer) devices are also known by the technical name of radio-frequency diathermy. Whilst it is true that these devices have been used since the 1980s, Capenergy has contributed with its professional expertise to achieve a technology that exceeds the average thanks to clear and patented innovations. Pilar explains more about the equipment manufactured. “Capenergy’s innovations leave behind the old first generation equipment, which is characterised by having a single channel and a single transmitting accessory, either capacitive or resistive, sequentially”. “Capenergy Medical invents second generation equipment for tecar therapy practises, which have several channels, thus enabling application on several body areas simultaneously. It also enables treatment with both capacitive and resistive electrodes and applications that would have been difficult to carry out with first generation equipment”. “With our equipment, there is no risk of burns or discomfort. Thanks to its innovative technologies with temperature sensor control, exclusive to Capenergy equipment, you are now able to obtain a collagen genesis without risks, whilst being monitored at all times.” “Capenergy Medical has dedicated a lot of effort and resources to meet the needs of the professionals within the sector, as well as working hand- in-hand with its clients, listening to their demands, investigating their needs and adapting in order to make its services more efficient, it is this which helps set the firm aside from competitors in the market”. Pilar embellishes. “On the basis of our commitment to constant improvement, we continue to serve the clinics that want to grow, helping them move forward. From providing advanced services through to delivering integral solutions that address the multiple health problems faced by thousands of patients in any city”. “Within our company we have research, study and constant development of technology. We keep our staff trained and qualified and we strive to keep the best to be at the forefront of the market and continue to evolve. We strive to be the pioneers in this technology by developing unique devices to perform effective and efficient treatments, whilst generating optimal patient recovery. Additionally, we continue to design and manufacture equipment to suit the needs of the market and our customers to facilitate their work and optimize their business. Capenergy is always oriented towards assisting professionals, betting on research and industrial development with a focus on the satisfaction of the professionals in the sector.” There are future developments that Pilar and the team at Capenergy Medical are anticipating, but she assures us that they are more than prepared and the future is looking bright. “Capenergy has patented different devices in the health sector and has 36 Certified Clinical Indications. All Capenergy equipment comply with EU Health Products Regulation 2017/745 and FDA. You acquire a Jan20417

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