Q1 2020

24 GHP / Q1 2020 , AGuide To Keeping YourMind And Body Healthy At Home With the recent increase in the amount of people working and spending time at home, it’s important to focus onmind and body healthwhen at home. ActivBody has compiled five easy ways to helpmaximise mental and physical healthwhilst working fromhome. 1. Make the most of the time at home As a harried society, home tasks such as organising clothes, cleaning or filing paperwork often go unattended to. Research shows that clutter from ignoring these simple tasks can increase stress. So taking care of these neglected tasks can not only improve long term health but also give a feeling of accomplishment. Getting fresh air, such as through an open window, while completing these tasks is a great way to maximise mind and body benefits. 2. Keep the mind occupied For those spending extended amounts of time at home, it’s important to keep the mind busy to combat depression. There are hundreds of ways to keep the brain active when at home; from puzzles to word searches, online quizzes and mind training. Maintaining an active brain will help pass time and keep negative thoughts at bay. 3.Take a break Those who find themselves working fromhome often feel more productive, less distracted and less stressed because they don’t have to commute to an office. However, the lack of social interaction can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. There are a number of simple, easy ways to alleviate these harmful feelings. For example, having the radio or some source of ambient noise in the background can help relieve loneliness. Staying deeply focused on work for long periods of time can also be harmful. It’s important to take breaks to guard against monotony and loss of productivity. Set a timer for every hour to get up and walk around, go out to the garden for fresh air or put some washing on. These activities can help clear the mind. 4. Make use of tech For those working from home, video conferencing technology such as Facetime, Zoom or Google Hangouts can be used to communicate with co-workers. Regular interaction with colleagues can help the working day pass quickly. These tools are especially effective for brainstorming or sharing ideas with others while working remotely. Video conferencing isn’t just for work, it can also be used to keep in touch with friends and family. Social interactions are best face to face but video conferencing is a great alternative when face to face interactions are not possible. 5. Get moving Being at home or unable to get to the gym is no reason to miss out on the benefits of exercise. If available, a smart watch can be used to count steps or flights of stairs climbed around the house. In addition, free online exercise videos or a device such as Activbody’s Activ5 can be used for five minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening for an effective workout. About ActivBody: Activbody is a consumer electronics and software-driven company developing health and wellness solutions that leverage its portfolio of patented technologies. Activbody aspires to keep the world active through fitness and health technologies designed to make exercise fun, convenient and trackable. A revolution in daily fitness, athletic performance and rehabilitation, Activ5 is a first-of-its-kind, wireless- enabled, force measurement device that can be used as an evaluation tool or an isometric- based strength training device that coaches users through short duration, low impact, full body workouts and quantifies muscle activity. Activbody was born out of founder Dr. Kosta Yanev’s desire to create fitness and wellness solutions that could help him integrate regular exercise into his life. Learn more about Activbody, Activforce, and Activ5 at www.activbody.com .

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