Q1 2020

26 GHP / Q1 2020 , HowTo Stay CalmAbout Coronavirus - Are You Worried About Getting Ill? Health is the most important thing in anyone’s life, so with an ever-changing situationwith the Coronavirus it is easy to worry about the unknown. Once you begin overthinking a problem you begin to actually hypnotize yourself negatively, then it becomes self-perpetuating which exasperates your anxiety. So to help put your mind at ease I have put together a 4 step guide to feel relaxed and stay safe. Here are 4 ways to help you and your family to stay calm, you can apply the techniques to any worries you may have; 1. Take control of your thoughts - Visualise a red triangle in your mind, imagine putting your problems, health worries, anxiety and even the Coronavirus into the shape, then shrink it down in your mind. By reducing the image in your mind you will break the habit of worrying. 2. Write down a plan of how you can minimise your exposure to the virus e.g. avoid heavily crowded places, avoid mixing with people from affected areas, wash hands regularly. By writing a list this will help you to feel more in control of the situation and it will also give you a clear plan in your mind so you action sensible routines. 3. Visualise yourself fit and healthy. By seeing a positive image of yourself in your mind it will stop you from worrying. What we see in our minds we become, so you are more likely to behave in a way that will keep you safe. 4. Money worries - One of the biggest challenges for people is that if they have to self- isolate this will mean that they can’t go to work. Many people don’t receive sick pay or are self-employed so won’t earn if they don’t work which can leave people financially exposed. Think of 3 things to help your finances by taking control of your spending or increasing income. By getting into a mindset of boosting your finances you will be better off now and once the Coronavirus passes. If you are financially vulnerable use this time to make a pact with yourself to find a way to become financially secure in the future. Or try listening to this 10-minute daily relaxation. LET GO OF HEALTHWORRIES This relaxation hypnosis download will help you to let go of general health worries and cope better with an illness. More and more people worry about health issues such as themselves or family members getting Coronavirus or cancer which can cause obsessive thinking and physical stress. This recording will eliminate unnecessary worrying allowing you to put things into perspective. The messages will help you cope with any health fears or stress by letting them release from your subconscious mind. The recording has lots of positive health statements to help your mind and body work together to make and keep you well. Also useful for people dealing with a health issue or illness. An enjoyable relaxation for everyone. Testimonial: “I was lying awake visualising family members being ill. It became an obsession but now I don’t worry at all. Such a relief as the worrying was ironically making me ill. Now I visualise people well.” “Let Go of Health Worries” hypnosis download is available from www. ailsafrank.com priced at £9.99 Also recommended for letting go of worries is the guide to life book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank (published by Hay House) which includes a chapter on Health, Letting go of worries, and de-Stressing your life, creating an I can do it attitude and simply teaches you how to find the amazing way through life. How does the ‘Stop Worrying - 10 Minute Daily’ download work? Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind, some of which are positive others are more negative. During this relaxation hypnosis download, your mind will be able to safely get your beliefs back into balance. With a more focused mind, you will find yourself avoiding worrying thoughts and instead of replacing them with solution focussed and more optimistic mindset. Press the play button, lie back and relax as you let your health worries dissolve into a distant memory. This recording is great for everyone as it has lots of positive health messages which will help you to do all the things you need to do to have the happiest, healthiest longest life possible. It is easy to let your mind spiral but this recording will help you take back control of your mind and health issues in the best way possible.

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