Q1 2020

GHP / Q1 2020 5 NEWS , Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) launches COVID-19 Telehealth Pathways to help clients. Health Recovery Solutions, a national provider of telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions, announced the launch of COVID-19 telehealth clinical pathways. HRS’ Clinical Advisory Board developed the COVID-19 clinical pathways, which consist of a COVID-19 screening tool, symptom surveys, custom education, and accompanying clinical best practices on symptom survey cadence and video visits. The goal of the clinical pathways is to equip HRS’ 200+ clients with the tools they need to deliver care to their patients at home. HRS customers have access to the pathways on all tiers of the platform, including PatientConnect Mobile, HRS’ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution (available on iOS and Android). Virtual visits, proactive symptom management, and triaging through screening tools can keep patients at home and out of the hospital, ensuring hospitals, emergency rooms, and urgent care centres do not become over-crowded. In the wake of an infectious disease outbreak, it is essential that providers are able to protect themselves, while still delivering quality care to their patients. “The use of telehealth is proving critical for the management of this pandemic. It allows providers to safely screen patients for coronavirus, and monitor those who are showing symptoms,” said Patty Upham, RN, VP of Clinical Services at HRS. “HRS’ COVID-19 clinical pathways provide clinicians with the tools they need to care for patients at home, minimising the demand of in-person primary care, urgent care, and the ED.” As recognised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), leveraging telehealth tools to protect patients is a strategy that should be considered by healthcare facilities, as it can prevent patients who can be cared for at home from going to a healthcare facility where they could potentially expose themselves or others. “The majority of patients on the HRS platform are patients with high- risk chronic diseases, the most vulnerable population to COVID-19. Keeping these patients out of the hospital and healthy at home will mitigate the bed capacity risks to hospitals,” said Jarrett Bauer, CEO at HRS. “30% of our customers are already using the screening tool, and we want to be as helpful to our clients as possible during this time of uncertainty.” Health Recovery Solutions’ client base includes more than 200 health systems and home health agencies across 42 states. The company is in close coordination with multiple clients, their Clinical Advisory Board, and their reimbursement team on best practices and telehealth reimbursement specific to the COVID-19 outbreak. The House of Representatives votes on cosmetic safety reform for the first time in over 80 years, and Beautycounter mobilises their community around advocacy to support the vote. Recently, the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health voted on a bill to update our cosmetic safety laws, which have largely stood unchanged since 1938. The vote reflects consumer demand for more government oversight of chemicals commonly used in personal-care products. The vote passed in the subcommittee and awaits two more key votes in order for it to pass in the House, before moving to the Senate. In December 2019, Beautycounter’s Founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew, testified as an expert witness in a congressional hearing on cosmetic reform held by the same House subcommittee that first introduced the bill. “This vote marks a victory for consumers across the country – one that has been 82 years in the making,” said Renfrew. “By taking this first important vote, Congress is listening to American families. Our collective voices have been heard, and I applaud Chairman Pallone, Congresswoman Eshoo, and the members of the subcommittee for prioritising this important public health issue.” Beautycounter is asking all consumers to take action by texting “BETTERBEAUTY” to Beautycounter Mobilises Thousands for Political Action 52886, urging their Representatives to support the bill. Over the past seven years, Beautycounter has sent over 150,000 emails, made over 15,000 calls, and held over 1,500 meetings with legislators in both the U.S. and Canada, all urging lawmakers to support cosmetic reform. Beautycounter, the leader in safer skin care and cleaner cosmetics, has been mobilising consumers around non-partisan advocacy for cosmetic reform since it launched in 2013. To lead a national movement for a cleaner future for all, Beautycounter is continuing their advocacy work in several ways throughout the year. This month, on the company’s seven-year anniversary, they debuted the “Give ‘Em Lip” trio, three bold limited-edition lipsticks featuring designs by activist and artist Lisa Congdon with messaging for change in the industry. The packaging features the unique text action which easily allows everyday consumers to email their Members of Congress about an issue that shares bipartisan support. Historically, the company and their network of approximately 50,000 independent Consultants meets with Members of Congress across the country to discuss the need for cosmetic reform. Beautycounter also printed a full-page ad in The New York Times this past Sunday, calling on Congress to act. Delivering Care At Home

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