Q1 2020

GHP / Q1 2020 7 Best Family Dental Practice - Zurich What sets swiss smile apart from a regular dentist is the range of specialists in various fields that can be found at their various locations. Those looking to find experts in implantology, able to provide completely painless surgical insertion of the implant screw and attach the necessary denture, are in luck. Those searching for expertise in gum disease are in luck, regardless of if they suffer from gingivitis or loose teeth and those in need of root canal treatment need look no further. When it comes to specialism, however, swiss smile is particularly adept at orthodontics, satisfying the desire for beautiful, straight teeth at any age. Able to correct misaligned teeth into old age, these corrections can be made either through the help of the classic brace, hidden braces on the inside of the tooth or the virtually invisible Invisalign split. The latter is a modern form of invisible brace, being an optically discreet and comfortable way of effectively correcting misaligned teeth. While the treatment might seem similar to the conventional procedure, where photos, x-rays and impressions of the teeth are first created, this information is converted into a 3D form so patients are able to see a prediction of how teeth will look after the treatment. This incredible range of skill and ability is reached through ongoing education and development, with many staff members undergoing years of postgraduate training in addition to their original qualifications. swiss smile invest in this training through internal training courses at their own academy. Under the capable leadership of Prof. Dr. Med. Dent. Habil. MS Christian Stappert, the capacity for local training and personal exchange of scientific information within swiss smile staff is increased massively. Internal speakers and external guests are welcomed equally to offer expertise on various subjects. Reviewing imparted knowledge is an important element of the overall swiss smile philosophy and quality control, and the regular events of the swiss smile academy serves to maintain and constantly improve the already high standards that the business upholds. Swiss smile is a large, and constantly expanding, business. There is plenty that sets their series of branches apart from smaller providers. Like most dentists, the well-being of patients is fire and foremost, but there is a considerable advantage in being able to offer a complete range of treatments at every location. This means that even difficult procedures become standard. With standards remaining high and prices fair, the success of this company is easy to understand. It’s a success that seems set to continue for years to come. Contact Details Company: Swiss Smile Holding AG Contact: Sarah Bertoli Web Address: www.swiss-smile.com/en

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