Q1 2020

GHP / Q1 2020 9 , The Future of Fertility Providing specialist advice in the area of preconception health, Eva van Zeeland has gone through it all before. Now the mother of three children, the experience of improving her fertility inspired Eva to explore ways inwhich she could help other mothers receive the advice she never got. Curious to find out more about what drives this remarkable lady, we caught up with her to find out more. Coming from a background of wellness, marketing and orthomolecular medicine, Eva van Zeeland is putting a different spin on the matter of fertility. With one in five facing fertility problems, this means that over 25 million prospective parents in Europe will have to take action if they want to have children. While not pushing against the use of IVF, she encourages attention be paid to other areas such as health and nutrition as well. As far as Eva is concerned, this is important not only for pregnancy outcomes, but for the lifelong health of her client’s children and their children’s children too. We asked Eva exactly what she meant by preconception health. ‘The preconception period can be seen in three different ways,’ she begins. ‘From a biological standpoint as the days and weeks before embryo development; from the individual perspective as the time of wanting to conceive; and through a population lens as any time a woman is of childbearing age.’ The Miss Natural PreConception program aims to optimise health before the conception, help those who are undergoing IVF increase their chances of successful conception and those who have tried everything and want to search for the underlying health problem. Miss Natural Lifestyle operates as an inspiring online platform, aimed at those who want to optimise their health and their knowledge. ‘The Miss Natural Lifestyle platform helps its audience with online training and workshops to help women with lasting lifestyle changes,’ Eva informs us. ‘In my program I will tell you exactly what the correct order is to make a successful pregnancy possible. So that you know exactly which steps you can take. You also maintain control and Nov19327 insight yourself so that you can increase fertility in a natural way.’ Eva is acutely aware of the urgency that lies behind her advice. ‘The first 1,000 days of life – nine months of pregnancy and the first two years of life of the child – are crucial for a healthy life,’ she tells us. ‘I wish I had all this knowledge when I was getting pregnant myself. In addition to the usual advice to quit smoking and drinking alcohol, there is much more that you can do yourself to improve natural fertility or even to recover.’ This is the driving force behind the Miss Natural Lifestyle website, and the reason why Eva is constantly trying to improve it in every regard. The emphasis on natural solutions is not entirely exclusive, with Eva taking the best of the knowledge she has garnered over the years to create something fresh. ‘I will see more integration between traditional medicine and natural medicine,’ she tells us. ‘People are looking for solutions and answers themselves and want to know how to heal themselves. In 2020 I will launch a new online platform for this.’ These exciting plans for expansion are matched by Eva’s intentions to inspire a bigger audience on an international level, a major part of which is the development of an English translation of her site. ‘I want to help more couples that face the same challenges and bring traditional medicine and natural medicine together. I want to be your guide in Fertility Land and start a Natural Fertility Movement!’ When it comes to fertility, you need someone willing to tell you the facts. Eva has been through the whole process and knows exactly what worried clients are going through. With a focus on improving health generally, there’s space for Eva’s exciting plans to develop something special. Contact Details Contact: Eva van Zeeland Company: Miss Natural Lifestyle Web Address: www.missnatural.nl Email: [email protected]

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