GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 13 of medical instrumentation. Since most men are reluctant to accept a trans-urethral procedure, the instinctive reaction will be to postpone the treatment. Alas, the chances for complications due to the untreated enlarged prostate grow with time. Complications may include recurring infections, permanent damage to the bladder and chronic kidney failure. “The introduction of the first non-invasive solution for BPH will encourage men to get treatment earlier” says Shmuel Ben-Ezra, CEO of NINA Medical. “With our Treatment Pillow, we will approach the prostate from the perineum, exploiting the acoustic window for ultrasound imaging and for focal therapy by HIFU thermal ablation”. This technology has the potential to change the medical marketplace, with future applications for cancer treatments. NINA Medical’s diverse team of professionals plays a pivotal role in the firm’s success, and have done so since day one. With a constant effort to strengthen its staff, patients can be confident that the company will continue to generate ideas and develop them into gamechanging applications. There is strength in scientific knowledge and insight, particularly on the Scientific Advisory Board of the firm. World-leading specialists in the field of urology, such as Professor Mark Emberton from the University College of London, are part of the Board, making it one of the best in the business. 2021 will undoubtedly be highlighted as a pivotal year for NINA Medical as the firm prepares for clinical trials, making full use of HIFU technology in a bid to help patients all over the world. Yet, with all the talk of future success, it is the here and now that the firm is celebrating. NINA Medical has come through a turbulent 2020, as have many other medical firms, but it has done so with a clear vision of where it is going next, and how it is going to continue to help A new era in men’s health and wellbeing people all over the world. NINA Medical is a truly outstanding firm, and deserves every success in its clinical trials and beyond. Company: Nina Medical Website: