GHP Q1 2021

14 GHP / Q1 2021 , Nov20247 The use of robotics has risenwithin the healthcare industry, offering medical practitioners exciting new options when it comes to serving their patients. The teamat Suturo are worthy winners of GHP’s 2021’s Award for Excellence in Patient Care & Safety – Spain. We take a closer look at how an innovative mindset has been key to achieving this success. Safety First Often, patients come to healthcare professionals in a particularly vulnerable position. They don’t know what is coming next, and want to know not only the way forward, but assurance that the way forward will be as painless as possible No one understands this like the team at Suturo, who have put many systems into place to ensure that not only they deliver high quality services, but can do so consistently to their many patients. Much of the work that Suturo undertakes is in the field of Urological Oncology and pelvic floor problems, using technology to provide a new way forward that sets the standard for the rest of the industry. Holding the values of innovation, of continually updating knowledge and the careful incorporation of the latest technological achievements incredibly close, the team are able to provide their patients with comprehensive solutions to their urological problems. No two patients are the same, and this means that personalized solutions must be designed to meet the needs of the client. By addressing the needs of the case as it arises, the team can adjust to create the most appropriate treatment regime for their patients. At Suturo, the aim is to address the entire healthcare process, from first diagnosis all the way through to the resolution of the disease. Many of the patients who comes through the team’s door are suffering from urological diseases such as cancer of the prostate, kidney and bladder alongside women with pelvic prolapse and patients with chronic pelvic pain such as pudendal nerve entrapment. They turn to Suturo because of the team’s celebrated embracing of technology. This means that patients are able to access equipment such as the Da Vinci Xi Robot, Holmium Laser, MRI/ Ultrasound fusion biopsy. The team also undertakes genetic studies in prostate cancer for the benefits of their patients. The value of the firm comes from its astonishingly talented team. Everyone who works at Suturo is a professional of the highest calibre and commitment. Hired because of their incredible qualifications, they represent the best in the business when it comes to urology, allowed to perform at the highest possible levels thanks to technology available to them. The technological revolution has affected the health industry significantly over the last few years. The team have seen an eruption in the world of genetic advances as well as increased demands from patients. They simply have higher expectations than ever before. Meeting these expectations, and trying to exceed them, is how the team have been able to ensure their success for so many years. In the future, the team intend to explore more of the potential that technology offers. Already, they are promoting an ambitious artificial intelligence project to improve attendance quality. The essential objective for its development and implantation is to improve patient safety by avoiding medical errors and to offer personalized medicine instantly. Through investigating these options, they can remain at the forefront of patient care and safety. Company: Suturo Contact: Manuel Ruibal Moldes Web: Email: [email protected]