GHP Q1 2021

16 GHP / Q1 2021 , Oct20462 Based in Rockwall, Texas, The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics is a cosmetic surgery practice specialising inminimally invasive procedures. By utilising cutting-edge technology, they provide next generation results withminimal downtime. Restoring Your Confidence The Retreat provide world class results in an upscale environment, but without the hassle of the big city. This is and has always been the team’s mission. Using primarily non-surgical techniques, The Retreat deliver the same results as plastic surgery, but without a long and drawn-out recovery process. Treating patients of all ages, they provide customised treatment plans based on each client’s needs. The practice is led by Dr. Joshua Baker, who believes that cosmetic treatments must be considerate of the patient’s overall wellbeing. Dr. Baker is a well-trained and exceptionally skilled cosmetic surgeon who has many specialties, including body sculpting, breast and buttock fat grafting, as well as a range of topical face and body treatments. He approaches each treatment holistically, considering numerous factors against the client’s aesthetic and wellness goals. The Retreat also offers a number of treatments which are solely geared towards wellness and health. These include IV vitamin therapy, anti-ageing therapy, and both male and female sexual health treatments. In combination with their best-inclass technology, the practice delivers a truly modern offering that enhances clients’ overall life experience by helping them to look and feel amazing. In cosmetic treatments, no implants are used, so all augmentation and fat-transfer procedures are completely natural. All injectables are also FDA-approved, ensuring the safety of any minimally invasive treatments. The innovative and contemporary methods used by Dr. Baker and his team provide a far less invasive solution to treatments that previously would have required excision surgery and lengthy recovery times. In the brief period that the practice has been running, they have already garnered trust in their community and have received nothing but positive feedback about their services. Clients profess to the staff’s friendliness, professionalism, and the fact that they go above and beyond. Many clients mention Dr. Baker’s calm and caring manner, which puts them at ease. The staff are informative, honest, and clear; ensuring that they know exactly what the client needs so that results can be delivered. When it comes to aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, clients need a practice they can trust. The aestheticians at The Retreat have shown complete transparency and are continuing to provide noticeable results time after time. Even the Covid-19 pandemic, which has threatened medical and aesthetic businesses everywhere, has not impeded their success. Dr. Joshua Baker commented, “No one has ever dealt with such an imposing and persistent crisis at a global level, but we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and make lemonade from our lemons.” It could be this entrepreneurial spirit and positive mindset that has helped bring so much success to The Retreat in the past year. From an outsider’s perspective, the frequency of business and positive experience feedback they have received make it seem like any other year; perhaps even better. One recent testimony claims that the clinic’s IV immunity boost helped them protect from illness during business travel, meaning that if anything clients have even more reasons to visit The Retreat during the pandemic. As well as their helpful and personable service, the practice’s wellness treatments are certainly helping them “make lemonade from lemons.” The Retreat team’s friendly, transparent, and skilled service has attracted clients from Dallas, Plano, and many other locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The practice provides a serene atmosphere in a tranquil location where clients can relax and feel comfortable. This has enabled them to form natural connections in their community, becoming a trusted pillar of support for those with issues affecting their self-esteem. With their state-ofthe-art technology, optimism and unbeatable service, the future looks bright for The Retreat. Contact: Dr. Joshua Baker Company: The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics Web Address: www.