GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 17 , Oct20363 Aerolase strives to bridge the gap in dermatology fromgoodmedicine to great medicine using laser technology. The company is one of the world’s leading laser skin health technology innovators. After over 20 years of dedicated research and development their lasers help skin health professionals deliver better outcomes and experiences for their patients. Global Skin Health Pioneers Using their patented technology, Aerolase deliver modern solutions to medical and aesthetic skin concerns. Their highly advanced laser technology is suitable for patients of any age or skin type, including patients with darker skin tones, who have been historically marginalised by past laser and light-based devices. Possessing an innate desire to solve the most common skin problems that patients face, the company aspires to meet unmet skin health needs with inclusive laser technology. Aerolase technology is the foundation for any successful medical aesthetic practice. Their solutions are modern and more effective than others in the industry, meaning that skin health professionals can more easily retain existing customers and attract new ones. The profitable treatment options they have created have disrupted many areas of the light-based technology and aesthetic medical fields. Aerolase’s consistent innovation allows them to produce more value for physicians and patients by addressing changing and growing skin health needs. A primary goal at Aerolase has been to confront the long-ignored problems of that face those with darker skin tones. In the past, these communities have been underserved by a lack of safety and efficacy achieved by laser and light-based devices. Aerolase educates the medical and aesthetic community at large so that they are better equipped to solve these issues. By sharing facts, activities and resources designed to educate, they have been reducing stigma and building connections. Physicians who treat patients with darker skin tones are understandably concerned about the documented risk for complications when using light-based devices to address melasma, acne, and other aesthetic or medical skin concerns. Patients may also be discouraged from seeking out laser therapy based on common perceptions that it is simply not available for them. Aerolase is challenging all preconceptions with their 650 Microsecond Technology®. The patented 650 Microsecond Technology® delivers an especially short pulse duration, which is unprecedented in the laser technology field. High amounts of energy are transmitted in this short duration, ensuring that the laser’s energy is restricted to the targeted chromophore and avoids damaging nearby skin. The short pulse duration also means that the treated area is not thermally over-stressed, providing a 5-50 times shorter epidermal laser energy exposure time. In combination these benefits create a solution that reduces the risk of burns or pigmentary changes and removes the pain that is associated with older generations of laser treatment technology. It also decreases chances of scarring during vascular condition treatments, and due to its low melanin absorption rate is safer and more comfortable for patients with darker skin. Aerolase invests in customer success. They have reached their position as a global leader in laser technology by enabling physicians to practice medical and aesthetic skin treatments more safely and inclusively. Their forward-thinking innovation allows Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Medical Spas to attract more customers and avoid excluding patients of different ages or skin types. Clinics that use Aerolase technology can provide safety-assured and tolerable treatments to their patients. Each product also comes with customer support programs, which includes training in every area of running a successful practice. From marketing and operations to clinical training, they seek to provide continuing support to ensure their customers’ success. Aerolase is truly dedicated to improving the lives of customers and their patients. By delivering the height of advanced laser technology, educating the skin health professional community, and supporting clinics, Aerolase have become a cornerstone of the medical aesthetic industry. Contact: Sean Johnson Company: Aerolase Web: