GHP Q1 2021

18 GHP / Q1 2021 , Sep20756 Vie Aesthetics is amulti-award winning non-surgical cosmetic practice with doctor-led clinics in London and Essex. By providing tailored combinations of world-class procedures, they achieve maximum impact with natural-looking results. With a foundingmission of “Celebrating the Beauty of Life,” Vie Aesthetics practise a strong dedication to safety and respect, seeking to promote healthy body images. Celebrating the Beauty of Life Vie Aesthetics provide non-invasive treatments for the face, body, skin, and hair. Alongside Botox and filler injectables, their signature procedures include a non-surgical facelift, stem cellbased hair loss solutions, face and body contouring and many more. Since their inception, the company have opened three new clinics, expanded the number of treatments they offer and brought pioneering new technologies to the UK. Catering to a wide and diverse client base, they provide luxury treatments that are affordable and accessible. In just seven years, Vie Aesthetics have made an enormous impact on both their industry and the wider community. They are committed to building relationships and have made it their goal to promote motivating and inclusive images. Reaching out to the Essex community, the company host events, provide care for carers, and support local charities. They also feel passionate about encouraging a positive outlook on body image and about challenging the unregulated nature of the UK aesthetics industry. In the time they have been operating Vie Aesthetics have improved safety standards and ethics by empowering their clients through educational media and blogs. The practice also dedicates themselves to transparency. Alongside the educational media they publish, Vie Aesthetics provide free, comprehensive consultations to ensure clients are in full control of their own decisions. This is followed up by meticulous aftercare, which includes unlimited free reviews with the practitioner. They keep the client informed and assured through a loyal devotion to honesty and education. Taking a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellness, Vie Aesthetics provide complete self-improvement solutions under one roof. The company sees personal transformations as internal and external, stressing the importance of their clients’ physical and mental wellbeing. Over the past year, their beauty treatments have been complemented with a health and lifestyle range of services. This includes a doctor-led weight management programme, life coaching, EMS muscle-building and fat-burning, and IV drip and vitamin infusions. Vie Aesthetics recognise that the needs of all their patients are individual. They specialise in creating combination treatment plans that are personalised to each patient’s own concerns and goals. Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach they provide a bespoke service. This forward-thinking philosophy is the future of the aesthetics industry, as it is becoming increasingly more obvious that what works for some may not work for all. Another modern aspect of Vie Aesthetics is their innovative autologous and regenerative treatments. These procedures use the body’s own reparative capabilities to combat concerns such as ageing skin and hair loss. In using the patient’s own tissue and rejuvenating properties, the treatments are perfect for vegans and allergy sufferers. Their popular VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa attracts international patients from all over the world. Although the company’s innovative service offering and dedicated customer care is integral to their success, the staff of Vie Aesthetics are its defining element. Firstly, staff are trained in positive psychology, as it is vital to the company that team members are empowering and make patients feel valued and at ease. In addition to the team’s natural positivity, they are educated in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which helps to ensure an exceptional client experience. We asked Vicky Grammatikopoulou, CEO of Vie Aesthetics about the importance of their staff. “Our staff are amazing! Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of them.” She explains, “There is so much talent on our team, from the doctors who are world-class (as is evidenced from their portfolios, awards and testimonials), to the front-of-house staff, who are the friendliest, most charismatic and professional people you could ever hope to meet.” According to Vicky, the Vie Aesthetics Staff “bend over backwards” to help patients through every step of the journey. They are also heavily active on the company’s social media channels, whether they are recommending skincare products, trying out a treatment, or giving lockdown tips. “Our staff are the face and identity of Vie Aesthetics,” says Vicky. Contact: Vicky Grammatikopoulou Company: Vie Aesthetics Web: