GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 19 , Sep20457 How far would you go to find that perfect smile? For the teamat Istanbul Dental Center, nothing is beyond their desire to satisfy their patient’s. It’s thanks to the team’s tireless efforts that Istanbul Dental Center has been named Istanbul’s Most Trusted Dental Clinic – 2020 in GHP’s Global Excellence awards. We dig a little deeper into the team’s work to find out more. Delightful Dentist Secures Success Located in the Sisli area of Istanbul, Istanbul Dental Center has become a renowned name for excellence when it comes to delivering top notch dental work. Combining a strong team from a range of different dental disciplines allows the clinic to treat any and all dental needs in house. Under the leadership of five professors of dentistry, Istanbul Dental Center has become recognised both nationally and internationally in the fields of oral health and dental surgery. The work is always superb, completed to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Istanbul Dental Center is actually the only policlinic in Turkey to recognise this highly sought-after UK qualification, which is why so many turn to them when they want to sort out their smiles. The team champions collaborative working, and the team uses the different strengths of their team to provide longlasting treatment solutions using the most up-to-date technologies and techniques. This means that the clinic is set up with the latest machinery and tools that a dentist can buy, with practitioners trained and ready to use the appropriate one for each individual situation. The team uses not only their academic training, but their long experience in the industry to make these judgement calls. Each treatment plan is custom produced to meet the needs of the patient. The nature of the business means that each plan is not developed by one individual, but by five experienced professors of dentistry, namely Professor Dr. Peker Sandallı, Professor Dr. Türker Sandallı, Professor Dr. Nüket Sandallı, Professor Dr. Arzu Aykor, and Professor Dr. Arzu Arı Demirkaya . This assessment is completed free of charge, giving patient’s the freedom to decide whether or not they want the work to go ahead or not. The treatments that the team handles are varied indeed, ranging across the fields of oral diagnosis and radiology, dental implantology, aesthetic dentistry, prosthodontics, periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders and facial pain, pedodontics, orthodontics and endodontics. It allows Istanbul Dental Center to treat any and all who come through its doors requiring assistance. For some people, the dentist’s is not a place they would like to be, and making the effort to make them feel welcomed and supported goes a long way to providing a smooth and pleasant dental journey. As such, the team have developed a system that doesn’t just provide exceptional dentistry, but an exceptional dental experience throughout. Maintenance is a big part of how the team works, so every treatment is monitored and followed up with the aim of providing patients with the highest levels of satisfaction. One of the strengths of Istanbul Dental Center is its approach to other countries, with the team embracing the possibilities of other countries’ dental practices. The team has long experience of treating international patients, with offices in New York City, London and California. Instead of having to change dentists in often tricky situations, the team make the effort to ensure consistency as far as possible. Many people are not keen on dentists, but the efforts of the team at Istanbul Dental Center have gone a long way to setting an example that should be followed everywhere. They are truly world leading in their approach, which is no doubt the secret of their success. Company: Istanbul Dental Center Contact: Ege Sandalli Website: www.