GHP Q1 2021

22 GHP / Q1 2021 , Jul20586 Family comes first when it comes to health, and finding the right person to look after your little one is not always easy. The teamat Phycinity PLLC offer a boutique service, getting to know you and your family intimately. This is why they have been named 2020’s Most Trusted Pediatric Care Centre - the USA. We take a closer look to see just what has brought them such success. Helping The Future Generation Based in Cameron, North Carolina, the team at Phycinity is committed to providing the level of care that people not only expect, but deserve. This means appointments that start on time, focus on your child and promote a healthy way of living for life. The approach is Phycinity is innovative in every way, caring for families one child at a time. They offer comprehensive care to infants, children and adolescents, no matter what the medical matter. This means that the team are as adept at supporting a teenager through the challenges of chemotherapy as they are at treating a toddler in an emergency situation. What drives the team forward is a passion for the care of what they consider the most valuable part of the community – children. Every child deserves the best possible treatment that will enable them to live their best lives in the future. While the needs of the child are always front and center, the first priority of the team is to attend to concerns raised by the parents. All new-borns are different, and bringing them on board makes the process of raising a child much easier for all. The system that the team operates under allows discussions under five topics. These guide care based on the child’s Social-Emotional welfare, their Communication skill, their Fine Motor and their Gross Motor capability and their acumen for Problem Solving. When combined, all five aspects can show clearly how a child is growing up. Problems can be quickly identified and tackled too. These factors are explored through regular meetings, which should be done in a timely fashion. They are invaluable to all involved when it comes to the care of the child. One of the other functions of these meetings is to support breastfeeding. There is no better nutrition to a new-born than breastmilk, and so getting into the practice of feeding a baby in this way can make a big difference to their development. Giving children a medical home, somewhere that they are known, surrounded by health professionals who they trust, makes an enormous difference in the grand scheme of things. It creates a prevention ecosystem, revolving around the children and their parents. This system is a key part of the early intervention that can ensure that small problems do not become big ones later on in life. In short, what sets Phycinity apart is its provision of a single private board-certified paediatrician for every child, with direct access through the most advanced cloud systems. These systems cover applications, check-in, intake forms, as well as offering secure messaging and a patient’s portal. It could not be easier to secure your child’s future today. With so much to offer, you know that they’re in safe hands. Company: Phycinity PLLC Contact: Omar Caban Website: