GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 29 , Jul20543 Founded in 2015 by LornaWeir and Frank X. Powers, Elevate Healthcare focuses 100%on healthcare marketing. Elevate is adept at uncovering then leveraging differentiating insights and building tools that connect with your target audience. Honored as the 2020MM+MSmall Healthcare Agency of the Year and named one of the most innovative start-ups in healthcare by PM360, the company has a history of award-winning work. The Champion of Challenger Brands Elevate understands that client relationships and brand success are far more important than becoming the largest agency on the market. The creative work they create on behalf of clients is the main source of the agency’s pride. The numbers others use to define agencies are of little consequence to Powers and Weir. What does matter is that clients define Elevate by its performance as the champion of challenger brands and by its ability to create compelling ideas that help disrupt the status quo, compel an action, inspire a belief, or change a mindset. For Elevate, size is a choice, and it could be the one element preventing agencies from fully connecting with their customers. After decades of success growing small agencies into bigger agencies, Founders Lorna and Frank discovered that this kind of growth often led to less individual involvement with clients and more focus on managing agency capacity, rather than helping brands succeed. From day one, the mission of Elevate was to create a tight-knit group of senior, experienced minds and top industry talent who deliver the highly strategic and personal service that brands need to reach their full potential. This perceptive ethos allows for concentrated talent and attention to clients. To Elevate, it means being nimble, responsive, accountable, and fully invested. Instead of spreading a mediocre talent pool thinly across clients, they provide a core group of intensely proficient brand specialists. Each client they help receives a service that is tailored to them personally. Powers shares, “We hear it all the time, clients are hard-pressed to find experienced, creative, innovative, efficient agencies who get what they are trying to achieve and know how to help them get there. But here we are, and the word is getting out.” The main priority of Elevate is to help challenger brands in Biotech and Medical Devices capitalise on opportunities and overcome obstacles to reach full potential. Challenger brands are brands that are disadvantaged by their circumstances. Whether an Agency-of-Record (AOR) or project-based relationship, the agency works with each client to turn their challenge into an advantage. Their highly specialised and focused model has been proven to work for many clients, large and small. Staying true to their philosophy of concentrated and specialised services, in 2020 around 65% of the agency’s work targeted healthcare providers, whilst 35% targeted patients and caregivers. The agency celebrates an internal culture dedicated to excellence and overjoyed clients. Inspired by creativity, fun and each other, Elevate puts the same amount of enthusiasm and care into their day-to-day work as they do with major initiatives. They dedicate themselves to tenacity, collaboration, originality, adaptability, and creativity. Recognising that agency life can be challenging for staff, Elevate offers a culture that allows for flexibility and peace of mind, ensuring that their staff have the time to recharge and be at their best. This passionate culture has led to Elevate being named as one of MM+M’s best places to work and one of Pennsylvania’s top 5 places to work in any industry. Elevate’s strategic, creative, and account engagement talent is amongst the best in the industry. They understand that given the fast-paced nature of business and the challenges their clients face, it is crucial to be agile in both thinking and execution. Fewer agency layers and less administrative complexity means Elevate can provide a deeper level of interaction and a higher degree of agility. The agency continues to grow organically and is investing in the breadth and depth of staff in all areas to attract the best creative, scientific, and client engagement talent. Contact: Frank X. Powers Company: Elevate Healthcare Web: