GHP Q1 2021

30 GHP / Q1 2021 , Sep20012 When it comes to having clinical work carried out on any hairline, trust is absolutely key. Interested clients have to ensure they choose the right partner as they want to be treated with the utmost care and respect by trained professionals. That is where Hair Transplant Solutions come in. With the firmhaving been named 2020’s Most Trusted Hair Transplant Provider, we take a closer look. Sterling Solutions for Hair Transplants Hair Transplant Solutions was founded with a clear mission; to provide the most professional, up-to-date, transparent, and truthful information on the highest quality, affordable hair transplants available with its partner, Clinicana in Turkey. Since being founded, the firm has specialised in high quality FUE and DHI hair transplantation. It has also specialised in chaperoning and escorting clients to its partner clinic in Istanbul, as well as taking them through the process which includes organising the whole trip, the interview with the surgeon, the hairline design and planning for future hair loss. The values that underpin the work done at Hair Transplant Solutions are professionalism, transparency, quality, and passion. The business is structured in such a unique way that it is set on a strong partnership with Clinicana which allows it to offer a competitive price in comparison to prices at UK clinics, but more importantly, allows it to deliver results that simply change people’s lives for the better. The provision of outstanding hair transplant quality for every client is something that Hair Transplant Solutions prides itself on, and rightly so. It is also the only UK-based agency that offers an additional chaperone service too, which includes point-to-point personal service from founder, Tony Owen. Tony prides himself on being there every step of the way for all clients, right from the initial phone call, to the consultation in Turkey, to the operation itself, and round-theclock aftercare. Of those that primarily want hair transplants, the majority of clients that Tony and the firm serve are men showing signs of male pattern baldness, or those who want work done on a moustache or beard. However, there is also a number of female clients that also suffer with hair loss that Hair Transplant Solutions also works with. All clients approach the firm after being exposed to marketing materials in the press and on social media, both of which focus heavily on real life case studies that show clear before and after images, along with first-hand accounts from previous clients. Given that hair loss can be quite a sensitive topic for some, Tony has made sure that the culture at Hair Transplant Solutions is one of openness, honesty, friendliness, and approachability. It may be a young firm, but that has not stopped it from becoming truly solutions-driven and one of the most exceptional firms around for results. The right hair transplant can give people back their confidence, inspiring happiness in ways that clients may have thought were lost forever. The biggest issue is one of trust. There are still people who are cautious about having a hair transplant overseas, despite Turkey being world-class in the provision of this service. It is for this reason alone that Tony founded Hair Transplant Solutions; to help those clients see just how easy it can be, how affordable it is in comparison to UK clinic prices, and how high quality and totally safe the hair transplant techniques truly are. Despite the fact that the business is very much still in its embryonic stages, the plan is to continue to grow and develop the business, giving as many people as possible their confidence back with newly transplanted hair. Tony and his team will continue to build up many more examples and case studies of exceeding client expectations, and Hair Transplant Solutions will further its reach from outside the North of England, to the rest of the United Kingdom and indeed into the wider European market. When in the hair business, trust is everything, and that is the core focus of Hair Transplant Solutions. Under Tony’s guidance and leadership, there is no limit to just how successful this firm can become. Company: Hair Transplant Solutions Contact: Tony Owen Phone: 07710 701 503 Website: www.