GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 31 , Aug20292 Anti-ageing treatments are often used to help people maintain their youthfulness, vibrancy, and beauty in their own eyes. In the heart of Hull in the North of England, there lies a clinic that is the city’s best for anti-ageing treatments: Welton Aesthetic Clinic. Having earned the title of Hull’s Best for Anti-Aging Treatments, 2020, we at Global Health and PharmaMagazine profile the clinic to learnmore about what it has to offer its clients in terms of service and treatment. Amazing Aesthetics Work Achieves Awards At a place where beauty meets medicine in a high calibre and quality setting, the philosophy of Welton Aesthetic Clinic is to prevent premature ageing using injectables and evidence-based skincare across Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. Optimum results are gained using the latest techniques and technologies, and are aimed at ensuring patients of all ages and complexions are able to fight against premature ageing. Wrinkles can be a thing of the past with these outstanding medicinal applications that the team at Welton Aesthetic Clinic administer. The clinic and all those who work there are united in their determination to restore patients’ inner confidence by enhancing their natural and beautiful appearance. It is not about changing what a person looks like; it is about enhancing what a patient already has, and retaining it for longer and longer. Welton Aesthetic Clinic wants every patient to look and feel their absolute best. Since its inception, Welton Aesthetic Clinic has always been a unisex private cosmetic clinic that is devoted to providing professional standards of care, proven effective treatments, and a friendly relaxed atmosphere in which clients can feel their most beautiful. As well as covering the areas of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, the clinic also operates from other sites including North Ferriby and Willerby. Operating by appointment only, this method ensures that each client gets an incredibly personal experiences. Appointments are available between Tuesday and Friday, with late nights on Wednesday. On top of the appointments themselves, the clinic also offers full aftercare services and routinely offers followup consultations on certain treatments. There is no small amount of treatments that a patient can access at Welton Aesthetic Clinic when it comes to enhancing and accentuating their own natural beauty. These treatments include various lip fillers, injectable fine line and wrinkle erasers, dermal fillers, chemical peels, liquid face lifts, microneedling, scar and stretch mark fading, growth serums, and various skin care procedures and products. Accessing each of these can do different things for a patient, but chief amongst them is the ability to restore the confidence of those receiving the treatment. Each and every procedure that is carried out by the team at Welton Aesthetic Clinic requires a consultation beforehand. This consultation that is given to clients is aimed at allaying any fears, concerns, or queries, and ensuring that they fully understand what is about to happen as part of the treatment. Behind the success of Welton Aesthetic Clinic is Mairin Flynn, a highly qualified Aesthetic Practitioner and Pharmacist Independent Prescriber. Mairin has spent much of her professional life working in the medical industry whilst refining and improving her skills and knowledge in the field of pharmacy and aesthetics. Her unique medical expertise involved in aesthetic medicines has furthered her desire to help people feel better about their appearance. Mairin’s honesty and quality-driven approach with her attention to detail is what sets her apart as a practitioner in her field. Having qualified in London under renowned Harley Street doctors, her knowledge is of the highest quality. Yet, she continually seeks to update her skills by attending the very latest training courses which enables her to provide the best possible, effective, realistic, and achievable results for each individual client. Ultimately, Welton Aesthetic Clinic is a facility of the highest calibre, and it strives to deliver the best in service when it comes to aesthetic medicine. Everybody deserves to feel beautiful, as well as look beautiful, and that restoration of confidence is where Welton Aesthetic Clinic delivers total success. The clinic deserves this latest accolade from Global Health and Pharma Magazine, and it will surely go on to achieve bigger and better things. Company: Welton Aesthetic Clinic Contact: Mairin Flynn Website: www.