GHP Q1 2021

32 GHP / Q1 2021 , Aug20122 Many of the things that we are used to experiencing in person have had tomove online in the wake of COVID-19’s arrival in early 2020. Rather than sit back and allow the virus to take over and dominate people’s lives, one innovative clinic set about changing its offerings and doing something different. Today, we are featuring Enliven Skin Care, recipient of the title of 2020’s Most Innovative Permanent Makeup Clinic - West Midlands in Global Health and Pharma Magazine. Find out more about the firmas we take a closer look at what it has to offer. Enhancing Beauty with Exceptional Treatments Enliven Skin Care is an online advanced skin care clinic that aims to help all of its clients find the right products for their skin, and aid them in reaching their personal goals regarding their skin care. Taking care of skin and dermatological needs is important for an individual to feel beautiful in their own skin, and take pride in the way that they look. Enliven Skin Care is the way that people can do that, using products that are all sourced from official distributors, or are sourced directly from the brand manufacturer. This method of sourcing and obtaining products guarantees that the client is purchasing a genuine product that will do wonders for their skin, and all the credentials can be verified by a client themselves. Getting these products is one thing, but ordering them and using them is another thing entirely. Enliven Skin Care ensures that every patient has access to all the information they need, and has a website that is truly easy to navigate for maximum effect. The brains behind Enliven Skin Care lie with Sarah Baker, the owner and operator of the brand. As a Permanent Makeup Artists and Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner, Sarah is a knowledgeable and insightful expert who can help any client in finding the product that suits them best. Sarah is qualified and registered Level 4 Aesthetician who is renowned for her ability to achieve results like no other. One of the key aspects with any aesthetics work is the desire to achieve result that are as naturallooking as possible. That is also a key part of the service that Sarah provides, and she seeks to always deliver results-driven facials and other aesthetics work. Sarah relentlessly pursues improvement of her craft, and is an individual who dedicates time to continuing her training and education in order to help her clients in the best way possible. In her every service and product, Sarah’s goal is to always help her clients love and understand their own skin. Helping her clients achieve a sense of love and passion for their own skin is something that Sarah herself has to develop over time. Sarah’s own true passion for skin care began when she was diagnosed with Rosacea, and this gives her a deep understanding of how skin concerns and can affect a person emotionally, mentally, and physically. Many of the treatments that she now offers are non-invasive and her general approach is to focus on maintaining skin health, and the repair and correction of the skin. Over the last three years, Sarah has dedicated the majority of her time to perfecting her skills in Permanent Make Up, offering a variety of brow, lip, and eyeliner enhancements. Each treatment that Enliven Skin Care offers is tailored accordingly and personally, with Sarah striving to create a bespoke look that will compliment her client’s features, suit their lifestyle, and ensure that the ideal healed results are achieved. Sarah’s ultimate promise to her clients is that they will always be listened to, and that her recommendations will always be honest. Working together with her clients, the work of Sarah and Enliven Skin Care is able to achieve the best possible results and deliver success in skincare like never before. For a complimentary skin health analysis please email [email protected] Company: Enliven Skin Care Contact: Sarah Baker Web: