GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 33 , Aug20073 Growing a large Instagram following has proved gold dust for UK cosmetic clinic Aesthetically Perfect. We talk to the company’s Director Claire Catterall about converting social media likes into clients. Attracting International Clients Through Its Social Media Fame Friendly, chatty and beautifully groomed, Claire Catterall talks us through doing a live jawline chiselling in one of the many popular videos on the Aesthetically Perfect UK Instagram account. Alongside the vlogs are scores of glowing customer reviews and thank you videos with replies from Claire sounding like your favourite aunt. “Hi lovely, oh you look beautiful. How was the bruise on the nose, ok?” she writes. With over 74,000 followers, men and women from around the world have been tapping into this channel for a while and become the main source of clients for the award-winning non-surgical cosmetic clinic. International customers and trainee students from America and beyond fly into the UK, just to be treated or taught by Claire at Aesthetically Perfect, which specialises in facial aesthetic injectables in Liverpool, London’s Harley Street and Los Angeles. “All our clients come to the clinic via following us on Instagram,” says Claire. “We found that growing this following and fan base of my work has been that special touch to how our business grew its clientele. I’ve always kept the Instagram personal to what I’m doing and my work. We are lucky that this has been how we have successfully grown.” Trained in Los Angeles by one of the leading masters in Aesthetics, Claire has brought her honed skills back to the UK market. That ranges from facial sculpting work or her renowned Tinkerbell nose augmentations, which she developed with Los Angeles Aesthetics Master Dr Kay. Progressing the business further, Claire now offers training to doctors, nurses and other professionals from across the world and runs her own training academy that is heavily promoted on the Instagram page. “Our main focus is building the fan base and we now also have a lot of students taking up training,” adds Claire. “Next year we hope to grow in the locations we already have clinics, as well as establish the training side of the business even further. We plan to introduce even greater injectors to the industry, which I will train.” While Claire fronts the social media channels, there is also a busy PR team at the company making it a success behind the scenes and maintaining the relaxed tone of voice that is so popular with its client base. It helps that Claire is known for her “friendly, bubbly personality” which colleagues say often leads to her making many friendships with her returning clients. The company also has a canny use of video across both its website and social media channels, bringing to life the extent of the work they do including lip and cheek fillers. “What distinguishes us is our personal touch,” explains Claire. “And our mission is to offer the very best in aesthetics; from educating our followers on our social platform to the latest treatments and products on the market. “Due to the fan base on social media, and especially the Instagram page, we value that all our clients are treated personally or trained by me as this is what they request on each booking.” That personal touch includes every client getting to meet the CEO and being injected by Claire. Clients also say they admire the company for being reliable, approachable and personal with strong client aftercare, although that service has been restricted in recent times due to the Covid pandemic. “We are always approachable and on hand to help at any point,” adds Claire, “but at the moment we are just looking forward to getting back to work after the pandemic and offering our services back to our patients.” Company: Aesthetically Perfect Contact: Claire Catterall Website: www.