GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 35 , Jun20486 How to generate huge interest in small health and beauty businesses against the leading corporate giants means getting to the heart of a company’s personal story, according to public relations agency The BrandWhisperer. Founder Siena Clarke reveals the key a successful publicity campaign. PR Success Secrets For Small Beauty Firms The relationship between a company and its customers is an integral part of a publicity campaign, particularly when it comes to the wellbeing sector. So, what about making it more personal? That’s the advice from experienced public relations expert Siena Clarke, who reveals insider secrets about how her modern integrated public relations agency The Brand Whisperer raises the profile of brands across the health, beauty and wellness space. Siena can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of SMEs having a longer-term strategy when it comes to publicity and nurturing a lasting relationship with an audience that goes far beyond sales figures. “We encourage clients to make a deeper connection with their target market and build a group of brand advocates, as opposed to just focusing on sales numbers with no longer term strategy attached,” explains Siena, from the company’s central London office. “This is really what makes us stand out as a PR agency. When we take on a new client, we do our best to think around all elements of their brand, identify their customers wants and needs, alongside those of their stakeholders, and communicate those effectively across the board.” Focussing on press outreach, social media management and web design consultancy, The Brand Whisperer specialises in telling the personal story of a particular brand to its target audience in many, different ways. That could be from working closely with journalists, bloggers and influencers or communicating directly with consumers on social media and leading them straight to a website to make a purchase. “We generally work with smaller businesses who want to expand their market and grow brand advocates on a more genuine level,” explains Siena, who once worked at BAME charity Taylor Bennett Foundation. “My founding mission is to tell stories on behalf of smaller, agile and inspiring businesses - the Davids, not the Goliaths. “My team and I find lauding the smaller voices, who often have amazing personal tales to tell, incredibly satisfying. When we’re met with a challenge we try to think as laterally as possible and allow our clients to stand out from the crowd.” Founded in 2019, The Brand Whisperer has an awardwinning in-house team creating tailor made integrated PR, social media, and web design strategies for brands. Strategies that include ensuring there is a combined approach across all digital and press platforms. The team’s expertise and planning has gained coverage for their clients in a plethora of some of the UK’s most prominent magazines and media, including Elle, GQ, Tatler, Marie Claire, The Times, Mail Online and ITV, to name a few. Added to that is The Brand Whisperer’s keenness to have its finger on the pulse when it comes to industry news and changes as members of leading organisations - from Cosmetics Executive Women to The British Beauty Council. “In everything we do as a team, we work really collaboratively,” adds Siena with pride. “There is no aspect of client work, pitching or generating ideas that is not covered by everyone. This way of working forces out wacky, crazy ideas that push boundaries and get our clients noticed in top tier titles, national newspapers, and with their target consumers.” Company: The Brand Whisperer Contact: Siena Clarke Website: www.