GHP Q1 2021

44 GHP / Q1 2021 , Aug20657 The patient must always be at the heart of healthcare. It’s the guiding principle behind any and all healthcare initiatives. Leading the way forward for those in Turkey are the teamat Medoffice Saglik Endustri A.S. Named the Best Inpatient Care Products Manufacturer 2020 in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020, we take a closer look at the secrets behind their incredible success. Innovating towards Success Scientific developments have had an extraordinary impact on the way in which medical professionals work with their patients. At the heart of these developments, however, must be a commitment to providing a more comfortable, convenient and safe time for the patient, as well as improving their clinical outlook. This is where the work of Medoffice comes in, with the team working hard to find ways of producing quality products that embrace modern methodology. This has involved the development of a production facility that has a fully equipped microbiology laboratory and that uses automation wherever possible. This ensures consistency across the board. The purpose of Medoffice is to produce preventive patient care products. For inpatients, the risk of infection rises considerably, and developing ways of reducing the chances of this decreases the risk of damage to the body. The R&D department at Medoffice is always searching for ways to improve health services, offering new solutions that change the shape of the industry. The work that Medoffice does has received attention across Turkey, with the team boasting more than sixty dealers in the country alone. Such success has allowed them to spread their wings, offering their products on an international basis. More than sixty countries around the globe import the firm’s impressive solutions because it has a recognised effect on patient care. The widespread nature of Medoffice products ensures that the team are doing their bit to improve the healthcare industry, and benefit the thousands of people who work within it. Communities and individuals alike can celebrate better conditions because of the hard work that Medoffice has undertaken on their behalf. Of course, the team are aware that their efforts have a direct impact on the lives of others, and take the time to ensure that they always produce the best possible product. Working not only as a scientific facility, but in the healthcare sector, the team at Medoffice know the value of operating in a transparent manner. By taking the time to do things right, they not only guarantee the minimum of defects in their products, but can make corrections where they occur. As a result of this effort, Medoffice is able to boast products that are in line with global quality standards, manufacturing items according to ISO 13485 procedures. While Medoffice makes the body cleaning of inpatients much more comfortable with products such as shampoo cap, wash gloves, bathing wipes, it also prevents the formation of bedsores in patients who are hospitalized for a long time thanks to its special formulation. Barrier creams developed by Medoffice prevent skin damage caused by incontinence. Medoffice has autolytic debridement products in its target of 2021, and it is getting ready to enter the market with 5 different and top class products. Medoffice also manufactures with private label production for global companies from all over the world. Healthcare is invaluable, but ensuring that the equipment used is to the highest standard is a key part of achieving success. By celebrating the work of Medoffice, we celebrate the ways in which healthcare professionals can access ever improving products that support them in the treatment of their patients. Company: Medoffice Saglik Endustri A.S. Contact: Yücel Teker Email: [email protected]