GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 47 , Sep201072 The roots of TKL Research Inc run very deep indeed. With a long history of success, the team have been able to expand, while alsomaintaining their monopoly on the dermatology scene. Named as Best Dermatology & Consumer Health Phase I-IV Integrated CRO – USA in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020, we thought we’d take a closer look at the secrets of their success. Resourceful Researchers! Since opening its doors in 1944, the team at TKL Research have been able to lead the way when it comes to clinical research. With a network of research centers that have served the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and consumer healthcare industries faithfully, they have a reputation that is second to none in the industry. When TKL Research first started, the team sold allergy kits. In seemingly no time at all, they expanded into allergy testing and dermatological products, before using this expertise to explore dermatological safety. As the capacity of the firm expanded, so too has their experience, with the ability to cover a broad range of different therapeutic areas. The team are regarded as leaders in the industry, but it all began with testing. This approach hasn’t changed over the years. When the team at TKL Research gets involved in a project, they deliver a fully integrated, comprehensive approach that goes from beginning to end. Their capacity is exceptional, with a 40-bed clinical pharmacology unit and four outpatient clinics equipped for phase II-IV clinical trials. Because the team is able to handle such a complete solution, they make TKL Research the one-stop-shop for all research needs. The evolution of the firm has seen it expand not just into new areas of specialty, but new locations too. With four independently owned outpatient clinical research sites and one inpatient clinical pharmacology unit on the books, the team have the ability to serve an enormous range of clients with ease. These locations are spread throughout the NY/NJ metro area, opening the doors to a diverse volunteer population. By being easily accessible, the team can perform their work to whatever standard is required. While clinical research is where the team has grown most in the last few years, it’s in investigative research that they have started to thrive. Using the skills developed during this period, they can now offer a service that is not easily replicated. Sponsors receive a suite of services that goes from strategy to execution and beyond. As mentioned before, it’s what makes the team unique. One of the fields where good testing and a knowledgeable approach is vital is within the field of early development. Earlyphase trials bring with them a unique set of challenges, both scientific and operational. Being able to work through these difficulties without sacrificing quality is no easy task, but it is where TKL Research excels. They have the experience and expertise to support these studies from start to finish. TKL Research’s clinical pharmacology units are dedicated to the conduct of early phase studies in healthy and patient populations. No two studies are the same, and so the team offers clients a choice of fluid floor plans in order to support them throughout the process. This allows the team to meet the needs of even the most demanding study. When it comes to achieving success, it pays to turn to those who know the field intimately. Businesses that partner up with TKL Research also gain access to the firm’s astonishing wealth of expertise. We celebrate their success and their ability to collaborate in this issue of GHP News. Company: TKL Research Inc. Contact: Allison Anderson Email: [email protected]