GHP Q1 2021

48 GHP / Q1 2021 , Nov20508 Spread across the state of Washington in the northwest pacific region of the United States lies one of the region’s best andmost dedicated teams for hair loss and restoration. In Tacoma, Seattle, and Spokane, the outstanding work of Northwest Hair Restoration seeks to help its patients maintain the hair they have, whilst restoring what has been lost. Despite the last twelve months being incredibly turbulent and uncertain for the haircare industry, Northwest Hair Restoration has been namedWashington’s Favourite Hair Restoration Clinic, 2021, so we take a closer look at what clients can expect when the clinic open its doors once more. Top Quality Solutions For Hair Loss Hair loss can occur for any number of reasons, and is a common problem in many parts of the world where it affects both men and women alike. Whether it be related to genetics, medical conditions or treatments, medications, hormones, stress, improper hair care, trauma, or poor nutrition, hair loss can be affected by every part of our daily lives. However, it is also important to note that hair loss is completely natural thanks to the growth cycles of the hair follicles themselves. Hair naturally goes through periods of growth, dormancy, and eventual shedding. On any given day, a young healthy scalp will see between ten and fifteen percent of its hair follicles in the final shedding period of its growth cycle. Significant increases in hair loss is where Northwest Hair Restoration can help, and especially with a visit to Dr Robert Niedbalski. Regardless of the type of hair loss or the cause of the hair loss, Dr Niedbalski works to ensure that his patients do not have to live with hair loss. Due to the uniqueness of each hair loss case, Dr Niedbalski and his team provide a treatment plan that has been specifically tailored to the patient’s unique needs. Dr Robert Niedbalski is the go-to hair loss specialist of choice for so many patients, and has become a trusted and respected authority in the hair restoration industry. More than an outstanding physician, Dr Niedbalski is entirely committed to listening to his patients and understanding exactly what has happened to cause hair loss before educating them about various treatment options. Once a patient knows their options, Dr Niedbalski and the entire team at Northwest Hair Restoration then set about helping the patient achieve their ongoing goals for thriving and natural-looking hair that is full of life and wellnourished on a regular basis. Taking care of both hair and scalp is important when wanting to maintain a good head of hair. The restoration of hair can also lead to a restoration of confidence for many patients that walk through the doors of Northwest Hair Restoration as well. Alongside its range of outstanding hair loss treatments, the clinic also offers a vast array of cosmetic services that are designed to boost confidence even further. Dr Niedbalski and his team help patients complement their hair regrowth with erased wrinkles, added volume in their cheeks, a removed double chin, longer eyelashes, or a rejuvenated complexion, to name just a few. The cosmetic services that Northwest Hair Restoration offers includes medical-grade skincare products and procedures, and the clinic has carved out a reputation for delivering a service that encompasses almost everything about helping patients look and feel their best. Ultimately, Northwest Hair Restoration is one of the finest independent medical practices in the state of Washington and it offers the most innovative solutions and techniques available for combatting hair loss and a lack of self-confidence. In every service provided, the clinic is wholly committed to exceeding the expectations of its patients, and it certainly achieves that on a daily basis. As Northwest Hair Restoration looks forward a COVID-free future once again, the clinic is sure to be back on the road to even greater success. Company: Northwest Hair Restoration Contact: Ellen Taggart Website: https://www.